Friday, March 10, 2017


Working Parents and Homeschooling
The Constant TUG OF WAR

I admit that I'm the type that loves to have a ton of stuff I'm juggling. Sitting still just isn't in my vocabulary.

However, there are times when I feel as though I am being pulled in way too many directions. Most of those times, it's my own darned fault.


I have to ask myself this question hour by hour. Since we have moved, we haven't gotten used to this constant state of summer and daylight in our new home. It used to be, I wouldn't have activities to do, or desire to step outside, or take a nap as often since WINTER = HYBERNATION. Well I don't get that time off anymore.

When I am working at my job out of the house, it is easy to set work as my priority. Once I get home, my kids and husband are my priority. I do work on my home business when I am there but if I need to help my kid with homework, or redirect, I give in to those priorities before finishing my work.

So...WHAT IS MY PRIORITY? It depends on where I am at the time.


I do that now more than I did when I initially started homeschooling. Everyday I get home, I try to find time for a nap, to read and goof off.

This is IMPORTANT. Self care and having 1 hr to yourself a day won't hurt your kid, it will help them in the end.


We have been doing that a lot in January, then February. It means that school won't end for my kids until July. I warned them about lagging schedules and work. They didn't mind doing school longer in the summer.


Lately, we've been learning via GAME SCHOOLING, MOVIE BASED curriculums, PROJECT based and EXPERIENCE based. We are doing that with History and Literature this year. It's fun, less pressure and the kids present their findings via a family presentation.

Truth be told, I really look forward to the movies and plays. Not so much for the project or game schooling since those take much more effort and time for planning.

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  1. Game schooling -- this is actually one area that I don't know enough about. Personally, at least. You're crazy busy, I get it, but I'd love to hear some of your favorite resources or advice. If you're ever interested in guest posting, this is a topic we have nothing about and would love to feature! (