Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The Importance Of Teaching Kids to Apologize


This generation watches a lot of television. TV has change greatly over the years. The representation of the family is also hugely different. Nowadays, there is the smart mouth, sassy kid, and the comical parents who needs correcting by their children.

Oh, but when these kids on TV get angry, they rarely give up an apology easily.


There is the beginning step towards mending a relationship that kids have to be taught. Human nature is to stay angry for as long as possible. We think it's to punish the other person, but the truth is, holding onto anger punishes us. The angry one.

  • Acknowledgement of making a mistake
  • Acknowledgement that you hurt someone by your actions
  • Respect for them to express how they feel about their position in the situation

Making your kid apologize may seem like it's useless if they aren't really sorry for what they've done. The thing is, it doesn't matter if they are really sorry or not. They have to be taught how to work through their anger and say their are sorry. Have them say it over and over until they have the tone right.

Yes, it will make them angrier it seems.
It is practice though that makes apologizing easier.
It is practice that teaches the tone and actions that should go into an apology.
It is apologizing that allows the person harmed to start to release and let go of the hurt and discontent that comes with being wronged.

It is the process of teaching them the lesson. Steps to making child apologize.

  • Have them repeat why they are apologizing
  • Then have them explain their reason why they shouldn't apologize
  • If they say, "Why should I if I am not really sorry?"
  • Tell them, "It's not about you 'feeling' sorry, it's about you doing the right thing and responding the right way to give the other person some peace that at least out-loud you voiced that you were sorry, which is the beginning of thinking about what you have done."
  • Also tell them, "Apologizing with your whole heart will take the guilt and anger away too - especially, when the person you harmed accepts your apology and may even - apologize too."

It helps kids to learn the freedom in giving and accepting apologies. The stress just pours out of us when we are able to get closure to a situation or event when those involve acknowledge they hurt us. Kids learning to take responsibility for their actions will take them a long way. It will make them start to think before they act.


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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Summer for Summer School

He did it!
Finished the Spring Semester strong.
At this rate, he'll be getting a BS in Information Systems by age 16.


Speed Racer still needs to write his papers faster. Also, there are some subjects he should catch up on for his next journey into in person courses. Since he has friends that are attending summer school, he also wants to take some courses at his online college late in the summer.

WRITING PAPERS FASTER with the help of tutors. Since he never took the SAT, we didn't spend time working on the essay portion of the test where the student has to actually write, in hand, a 300 word essay within 50 minutes. I signed him up for an SAT review tutor course focusing on essays for him to fine-tune the skill. He does fine by typing his papers, and using grammar check. Even so, he needs to work on writing faster since it will help with the quality and speed in which he does his research papers.

SOCIALIZATION plans involve summer camp for about 5 weeks to include sailing camp, teen camp, and Junior Lifeguard camp.

Sports this summer are in addition to camps. He will be doing paddling/canoe team, breakdancing, boxing and martial arts.

DRIVING LESSONS are coming. He begged to be able to take his learner's license. He passed. Now it's time for practice, practice, practice.

WORK and HOME BALANCE Working and Homeschooling 

MEAL PREP: I've been cooking but no one wants to eat it. It's frustrating, but hopefully we will get back on track.

HOUSE CLEANING: Nope, the house has been a wreck for awhile. That's all for now. Big plans to have a family clean up after I recover from my recent trip to see my oldest daughter graduate - again, for the 3rd time.

LESSON PLANNING: No planning needed since it's summer and I hired a tutoring service. 

MARRIAGE CHECKUP: We are planning a little get away.

SELF CARE: I am going to schedule a massage. My daughter gave me one for a present.

More details to come in New Book: Homeschooling While Working to Shape Amazing Learners by LM Preston