Monday, May 13, 2019

Owning Our Flexiblity

Skateboarding in New Zealand

This last month was extremely hectic for us. We traveled to Syndey, Australia and then New Zealand. Just four days after we returned, my friend visited us for two weeks. We had no downtime. School work suffered in small ways, our optional homeschool curriculum work didn't get done. Now I am too tired to restart it.


SPEED RACER worked through challenges of traveling while doing school work

He only focused on his college classes, but with the weeks of travel, it was stressful getting the work done on time and with lacking internet speeds. It was stressful and challenging for him to have to contact his professors and ask them if he could turn in work early or late.

Also, this 8 week session I made the fatal mistake of scheduling 2 programming classes in one semester. He had a literal freak out moment. Then I talked him off the cliff and got him some tutoring help.

Homeschool Classes that were put on hold 
Bible Study (online) Just six videos to go and we have halted due to a crazy life schedule.

Pilot Training (online) He's been doing these on his own, but reduced to 3 a week.

Java Programming (online) this is with CompuScholar and he is taking a college Java course. He will resume this after the college course for more practice.

College Classes online - All Finished.

Java Programming
In week 8 of 8
-Final programming projects
-Weekly discussion post and replies
-A final paper and project

Software and Hardware Infrastructures
In week 8 of 8
-Final Project paper design
-Discussion post and reply

Javascript Programming
In week 8 of 8
-Weekly group post and discussion
-Final Project

This is the end of the school year for him. We will casually finish the homeschool classes.

WORK and HOME BALANCE Working and Homeschooling 

MEAL PREP: I am still recovering from our vacation and friend's visit. We've just thrown together frozen meals.

HOUSE CLEANING: We cleaned the house! Yay! It's starting to get messy again as we speak.

LESSON PLANNING: I am doing minimized planning and just created checklist of work I put on the dry erase board. 

MARRIAGE CHECKUP: Hubs and I had a spat where we were polite, but not really speaking. It lasted for just under a week when he and I finally got bored with not speaking and apologized.

SELF CARE: I pampered myself and made my husband join in the foot massage, facial, pedicure and back massage. I needed it.