Thursday, March 2, 2017

Working HomeSchooling Parent's Busy Day

The Weekly Wrap Up From Working Parent's Perspective

Inspired by Practical By Default Blog

After reading a blog post by Jen at Practical By Default, I was inspired to give a peek at a typical day from a Working and Homeschool parents point of view.

Usually, I give the viewpoint of Speed Racer (my 13 yr old) and Tiger Lilly (my 15 yr old) but today, I interviewed my husband who co-teaches with me and we both work outside the home.


My husband and I have varying work schedules. We both have pretty flexible schedules that allow us to overlap our coverage of childcare.

My husband is now working in the evenings since he started a new 'temporary' job. I tend to work early in the mornings and some evenings during the month.


Our kids now have curriculum that doesn't require as much hands on interaction between my husband and I. They don't really want our help in most topics, and usually insist on trying it themselves first. It wasn't always this way. I'd say at around 12 yrs old Speed Racer became very independent and around 13 yrs old is when Tiger Lilly did so.


4:45am > MOM wakes up to get ready for work
I shower, do make up, take my pre-prepped meal for the day and put it in my bag.

Meet my 19 yr old, Rose, in the kitchen for my morning water and while she is eating breakfast, I put on my shoes.

5:25am > Mom drops Rose off at the bus stop, then heads to work.

6:00am > Mom gets to work, logs into her various systems that she supports, check status of open issues, attend various meetings, fix system and application problems, create technical documents

08:30am > Dad gets up. Wakes up Speed Racer (who is always sleeping late) eats breakfast with Tiger Lilly (who wakes up at 9am).

09:00am > He gets Speed Racer to eat breakfast while setting up the computer for Speed Racer's lesson.

09:30am > He gets Speed Racer started on lessons and tells him what has to be done by the time MOM gets home.

10:00am > Sometimes DAD leaves for work at this time. If he is home, he pretty much works on the computer at the dining room table with the kids.

11:15am > Take a morning walk

11:30am > Return from morning walk, back to work.

12:00pm> MOM checks the kid's online work status on Acellus, CTCMath,, Membean, Udemy, YouthDigital, IXL, and (Yep, I check all of them, it takes me about 10 min)

12:15pm> MOM calls the kids or DAD (if he is working nights instead of days) to check progress, answer any questions or redirect.

2:30pm >MOM leaves work and goes home

3:00pm > MOM sits at dining room table and reviews progress, answers questions or redirect.

3:30pm > MOM starts dinner, either meal prepped meal that goes on the oven or quick fix on the stove

4:00pm > MOM works with Speed Racer on SAXON MATH

5:00pm > MOM stops kids work and tell them to get ready to go

5:30pm > MOM gets kids in the car, take them to Martial Arts, Lacrosse OR Japanese (Mon-Fri)

6:00pm > If DAD pick up, then MOM goes home to do SIDE BUSINESS work. If MOM stays, usually I bring my laptop and work while they are at practice in my car.

7:30pm > Dinner

8:30pm > DAD (if he doesn't work nights) or 'Save til the weekend' Speed Racer on WRITING or CLEP PREP. MOM preps for the next day

9:30pm > Family prayer time

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  1. I'm always impressed by your family's work ethic. Your day sounds busy and long :)