Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Celebration of National Womens Day

Even with woman being the birthers of the next generation. Even with how far we have come. I sat at work today and overheard a male co-worker say, "Aren't you 'girls' supposed to be somewhere protesting today?"

I know he didn't say it with malice, but I corrected him by saying, "The protest is here when you call us WOMEN, girls."

We both laughed, but as women we need to know that perception is still out there. That women who have to work and want to work, have to work within an environment where we are outsiders to the club.

We still rise above it.

I'm teaching my girls to love who they are. To know that they have a special place in this world, and to stand up for the respect we give, that we should get in return.



  1. Women have to be strong to survive in a man's world. True equality can't come until its no longer considered a "man's" world. Great post.