Friday, September 8, 2017

The winding path of raising kids with goals

There Is No Straight Road
When it comes to raising kids
According To Their own Rhythm

This was taken on our way home from kid's computer class

Speed Racer doing a safety check of the glider before he flies it.

Still learning to surf

My boys have been my most challenging kids to raise. Yes, my girls had their own set of interesting twist and turns, but my sons have beautiful, wild, and alpha male spirits. It has made me a better person to be part of the molding and shaping of them. 

Speed Racer has matured so much in the last few years. Each year I see more growth. I do give him direct focus on his goals, careers, vision after he answers many questions I have for him. When I do come up with a new focus, I am willing to change it if he voices a change. Lately, he's enjoyed everything I've thrown at him.

Our Vision For him (which I put on his bedroom door is)
Be a Pilot
Become a Martial Arts Teacher
Sail around the world
Become an Aeronautical Systems Engineer
Learn how to fix airplanes

The unconventional plan to get there
1) Get his Info Syst Degree with CLEP, DSST at Online University (graduate between 18-19 yrs)
2) At 19 yrs, attend 2 yr college get degree in Aircraft Mechanic
3) Get Commercial Pilot license
4) Learn to Sail at the local Youth Sailing program
5) At 21 yrs, attend Master's program with Airforce funded degree and scholarship program


13 yrs

Speed Racer has made progress in the following classes.

Online Daily Independent Classes
College Math Prep (Acellus) 6 lessons completed
US History 1 AP (Acellus) finishing from last year (has 80% to do) - 8 lessons completed
Psychology (Acellus) finishing from last year (has 10% to do) - 6 lessons
English (Acellus) 8 lessons completed
Algebra 1 review (Teaching Textbooks & Modern States) - 5 lessons completed
Basic Math review drills - 5 lessons completed
Time4Writing (Writing Mechanics High School) - 5 lessons 2 quizzes & 2 submitted assignments.

Work through with parents
Logic - completed chapter 3
Bible Devotinal - completed 3 devotionals
Computing & Info DSST  - working on 32 terms in Instacert
College Math Clep Review (Modern States, REA Clep Book, & Tutor) - Week 1 finished (Chp 1 & 2) ~ also worked with tutor

Classes In Person
Java Programming - attended first class and loved it
Dance - was in a competition this past weekend and practiced 4 days
Martial Arts - attended 2 days
Young Pilot Program - flew Glider plane
Sailing - signed up, went by Yacht club
Leadership Retreat

16 yrs
This week we decided to drop one of her College classes (even though she finished 2 major assignments) due to the group that she was put in. It was confusing even for me in helping her and the professor was no help. Now she only is working on 1 college class for this coming week and her business homeschool class. Her in person programming class in Unity 3d is extending to add Blender so she is excited. She did the leadership retreat with her brother, martial arts and her older brother has become our (mine and hers) personal trainer. He is wearing us out.

Working and Homeschooling 

MEAL PREP: This week ran smoothly. I had a bunch of meat prepped and did a quick meal with more veggies and no starch (no potatoes, no pasta, no rice) and my family hated it. They did like the mashed cauliflower though.

HOUSE CLEANING: I appointed pappa as the enforcer. I tapped out. He took over and stuff got done. Not to the level I would like, but the house is cleaner than it was. Now I am still trying to figure out how we ended up with sooooo much clutter in just 2 years since our move when we had nothing really.

LESSON PLANNING: Did it on Monday, my day off from work. I even gave them the day off. It took just under an hour.

MARRIAGE CHECKUP: Still having some logistic issues with finding time together. Mostly, because when I finish with kids at 8:30pm, my hubs takes over til around 10pm and I am sleep. Then the weekends, we were taking kids to all day events and I didn't want to stay up to go out (even though my husband is a night owl, I am not).

SELF CARE: I took a 3 hr nap on Sunday. Best day ever! Then waxed my eyebrows, exercised and read an entire book over the weekend.