Thursday, September 5, 2013

When You Have A Bad Week



Oh my goodness we'd had some good weeks. BUT this one, it was soooooo difficult.


The week started off on a pretty positive note. Both kids finished their work efficiently which made for a shorter school day in total.

Speed Racer was finished in 3 hrs flat and Tiger Lilly was punching in at 4 hrs even with 'homework'. But a few days into the week, things started to go down hill.


Yep, it was on Wednesday that the week started a downhill spiral. For some reason Speed Racer, although appearing awake and alert, was having the following problems.

- Not Following Directions on the First Request
- Talking Back - and not respectfully
- Mini-Tantrums
- Prolonging  breaks
- Not wanting to finish work

Mom's problem...
- Allowing child's behavior to make her grouchy
- Not reading the Calm Down list herself, lol!
- Trying to continue school with neither the child or I was in a good mood

Now you know about our CALM DOWN LIST so the tantrums were minimum BUT several other things went wrong after now reflecting on them.


I noticed several things on Wed, Thu, and Friday mornings...Speed Racer wasn't in bed fast asleep. He was caught on Wed (sneaking into his room), Thurs (I could've sworn I heard him come up the stairs and get into his bunkbed), Friday morning he came and gave me a 'sleepy hug' when I got up at 4am to go to work.

Also, Dear Loving Husband purchased a bag of candy for Speed Racer, I found the large bag of candy in the kid's bed.

Did I mentioned that Mom didn't get her daily 'power nap' either? Because when I have that, I'm able to be a 'halk eye' and make sure Speed Racer doesn't sneak out of bed to go play video games.


Well with all of that chewing on, I realized I needed to fix some things.

When school is gone astray - save it for later. Take a break-not a punishment (deal with the punishment later when everyone is calm).

Realize that next week will get better. It's a new week.

Try to address, fix the things that went wrong the previous week.

And don't let the kid eat an entire bag of candy hidden in their bed late at night.


  1. We had a bad week too. I hope next week is better for you guys!

  2. Ugh....I'm sorry it was a bad week for you:( It will be better this next week. I know when things have gone astray for us, its a little scary starting the next day too...hoping and praying it doesn't start all over again. We've had to get rid of candy completely in our house for this exact reason. When halloween hits I really dislike the struggle we face. We started giving high protein snacks before bed plus an herbal calming remedy. It has helped tons.

    I wonder if asking your "speed racer" about what he thought would be a good preventative/plan, if he would have any input. Maybe some reverse psychology would help him to help himself in regards to rest and not being the candy monster.

  3. That's a great idea Heather. I should ask the little guy. You know I figure I just have to work through them. It was hard some weeks when he went to public school (heck all the kids had them). But asking him, getting his opinion, is a very very good idea. It gives him a voice and makes him think about a solution. I wish my candy addict of a DH would stop bringing it in the house :-D