Monday, September 9, 2013

Do Earphones Encourage Learning?


This week I graduated my 4th grader to wearing earphones for his Math, Language and Science classes.

I remember when I went to school, during READING we had to WEAR EARPHONES to do our work and practice.

Wow what a difference it made. I plan on getting him some cooler earphones but these were just to try him out.


Prior to this week, for the first 30 days of our school year, Speed Racer didn't use them. It was best that way because we had to work on other challenges before this point.

However, I wanted to see if using the earphones would increase is focus and listening to his video school. Previous to this week he's overcome the following:

1) Fidgeting
2) Need for frequent breaks
3) Lack of enthusiam for finishing assigned work

Therefore I thought he had matured well and could benefit from focused hearing.


1) Day one - use earphones for one class - one in which student has to complete something taught.
2) Day two - add another class - observe the student to see if they are still fidgeting, moving, or spacing out.
3) Day three - add another class - observe quality of work, test, quizzes to see if there is an improvement.


After a week of using the earphones, we have seen the following improvements.

1) Improvement in Quiz grades. Went from 'B' to 'A'
2) Completion of work faster.
3) Less movement and distracted fidgeting.



  1. Do he listens to lessons through his earphones? My daughter has decided that she needs earphones playing music from her cell phone during some of her studies (such as Math). I've allowed it and she seems more content doing her work. I can't say as it's improved as we're only 1 1/2 weeks in and it's review, easy in general, but curious if it would help my youngest with SPD to listen to soft classical doing HIS work...

  2. I only let him listen during lessons. Specifically started with Math, Science and History his most 'boring' subjects and he retains A LOT more of the lessons by me doing this. I have a splitter that allows me to plug my earphones in and listen to the lesson with him. Also, even when he fidgets his focus isn't deterred.

  3. Yay! Headphones are a great resource for kids who have sensory issues or get easily distracted. I don't always let my oldest have headphones during lessons because she sings and disrupts other. But she uses them to get stuff done in her room, do chores, or cool down. We tried plain earplugs for school work but she won't wear them.

  4. This really works to make him pay attention to class. He can move about but doesn't have the background noise. Funny thing is, he can be actively listing (he generally likes to move while listening) but with the earphones he doesn't miss ANYTHING.

  5. Oh, I think one of my boys would really benefit from that! It's hard for him to focus with other kid noise distracting him.

  6. Thanks for sharing this post. your blog is very informative . I'm using this earphones for much louder music experience.

  7. Thank you both. We do school either on the computer (interactive programs and streaming videos) or with DVD. So I can really focus my son's attentiveness on the subject with earphones even if he wants to fidget.