Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Day or Evening Of School As A Working Mom

Weekly Wrap Up

This week was another wonderful one in a two week stretch. Remember a while back where my 4th grader and I had to get some bad behaviors under control?

Well it happened. He's totally and extremely on board now. No tantrums in the last 2 weeks. Consistency in finishing his work within his 3 hour (2-10 min break) time frame in the last 2 weeks. And one 'stomping' up the stairs, was easily redirected with him grumbling an apology, and asking for 5 min break. Actually communicating to me. This confirmed what I'd known in my heart for a long time. My child was not ADD or ADHD or Opposition defiant. I'd known his behavior wasn't consistent. Figured it was caused by a teacher hitting him, and another playing mind games with him, along with bullying by bigger kids (my son is on the shorter side for his age). But for the longest time, he'd act a certain way at school and differently at home. So with that acting out behavior developed after years of being bullied at school, we are back on track! Woot!


Welcome to a peek into our hectic day as a Working Parent who homeschools their 2 kids after a day of work. Or, Dear Hubba (DH) may pitch in with help of our other Substitute Teacher, Dazzling Big Sis.

After working from 5am in the morning. Teacher picks up kid from sitter (if kid isn't already home with DH), rushes home and after a quick snack have the students take their place at here Desk.

Here is: Student, Speed Racer, attending his DVD based class.

Time in Class: (includes homework and 2 - 15 min breaks) - 3 to 4.5 hours
This week he took 4 quizzes and 3 test. Finished all his seatwork, homework, did Teaching Textbooks Math 5 & xtramath.com in addition to his Abeka Math and all subjects. AND he finished 2.5 hrs of instruction time (but we had a bit more breaks in between this week which takes time up to 4.5 hrs)

TOOLS of The TRADE that makes this rather easy.

1) DVD Based Curriculum that has everything laid out for the Teacher. All items are numbered by Lesson - even the DVD

2) Any other Computer Based or Interactive Based curriculum that allows kids to be taught independently BUT requires an engaged FACILITATOR

WEEKLY WORKBOX SCHEDULE that is placed on each child's board and in the Teacher Notebook that's on a bookshelf.

We did horrible with our workboxes these last 2 weeks....WHY? Well I didn't fill them (I know, when mom/teacher slips, everyone slips).

The result was, several missed Test/ Quizzes - we made them up on the weekend (Sunday is homework day).

Each box is (1) NUMBERED and has the (2) SUBJECT that is contained inside labeled.
Inside each box there is 2 major things.

(1) Working Textbooks for labeled subject
(2) Notebook
(3) Folder for the week's test and quizzes


This schedule is the kid's cheat sheet. It shows the following:

(1) Workbox #
(2) Day/Date
(3) Subject and Quiz,Test,Project to be done or study for

We are now doing the following activities daily. - There is literally NO WEEKDAY FREE. This isn't on purpose just because I'm homeschooling - WE WERE CRAZY enough to have the exact same schedule when the kids were in traditional school O_o they were SO TIRED then, as was I.

Now this is bearable.


The fact that my daughter and I are having a great time doing 'Teen Devotional' (
True Images Devotional: 90 Daily Devotions for Teen Girls by Moore, Karen) together for our new Bible class. I actually rush home to do this with her. She's so creative and thoughtful.
My Speed Racer's being back on track, becoming the little guy I'd known he was all the time. Also, him finishing all his work on time and well done, even the xtramath.com and teaching textbooks I squeeze into his already full Abeka DVD curriculum.
DH (aka Dear Hubba) has taken over teaching 2 complete days in a row to give me a break. Although I must admit I really didn't want him to because I enjoy it so much. But I used the time to catch up on some sleep.
That I have no complaints. Not about homeschooling my kids. Maybe because I've seen the other side, and appreciate the freedom of this.

HOW DOES YOUR SCHOOL DAY GO? What are the tools that make it go smoothly for you?


  1. Looks like you have a great system going. We have a homeschool room here that we use to store our stuff though most of our schooling is done around the house. My kids are young so I don't do a lot of educating on the computer just yet.

  2. Wow, you are a rockstar homeschooling momma! That is fabulous that you have had two great weeks! I'm going to have think about a new system for us...my dining room hutch is turning into a disaster. I love your system.

  3. I have to admit we had to change a lot but this is really working for us. Only thing that may change is our school days. I'm starting a new assignment on my job so we will likely be doing school on Tues, Thur, Sat and Sun instead. So I have to see how that works out.