Friday, February 5, 2016

Black History Month kick off

Our Movie of Choice to reflect on this Black History Month

Underground centers on a group of slaves planning a daring 600-mile escape from a Georgia plantation. Along the way, they are aided by a secret abolitionist couple running a station on the Underground Railroad as they attempt to evade the people charged with bringing them back, dead or alive.

12 yrs

Overall, Speed Racer is extremely challenged with his Landry Academy Courses (Electricity, Robotics and Scratch). His English, Biology, History, Algebra 1 (Abeka) has been experiencing a great improvement in grades. The Creative Writing course with (Sandiego Scribblers) got off to a slow start, but he grudgingly is doing the work. The Spelling using Sequential Spelling Level 2 is a bit easy for him so I am skipping forward some lessons. His independent classes that I just check on Friday are Basic Math Review (CTCMath), Python (Code Academy and TechRocket), Spanish (Middlebury Interactive).

14 yrs

Is doing her midterms in her only college classes in Java Programming 1, College Math 1, Illustration and Computer Graphics.  
The Landry Academy classes C Programming Pt. 2, PC Pro, Japanese had some quizzes and project she completed. Her Game Design using and is still holding her interest and she is working on them daily. Her live Animation class is causing her to draw outside her comfort zone.

PE has been exhausting for Tiger Lilly she ended up vomiting since she didn't realize that she shouldn't eat before working out.


Meals We did great til Tuesday. Then I had to go to the grocery store and get new goods. My nephew is visiting so I am having to adjust the portion size I was cooking.

Cleaning. The big clean is coming along. My sister in law came and got lots of our furniture. But the place itself isn't clean and we hope to get more done this weekend.

Work & Life Balance.Finding a job -is a struggle when you are working, homeschooling, planning a move and tired. But I was blessed with two interviews for work in Hawaii and an interview for the job I have here at home. I'm awaiting possibly one more interview in the coming weeks. Meanwhile I just come home and send out more resumes.

Lesson Planning. I am still working at the last minute on this. However, it can't be helped with my crazy schedule as well as the kid's multiple sources of classes.

Rest. Getting some. Now with all the last minute work we have to do, I am getting less.

Marriage Check Up. Going strong. Despite our schedule we are making time to cuddle, text 'I love you', and sneak out to dinner. Even with all this love flowing, we had are share of heated disagreements, but hey, love with be boring without some drama.