Friday, January 22, 2016

Crazy Day In a Homeschooling Working Parent's Life


Everyday is different in our house. And every year we have to adjust to everyone's schedule.

Is an Engineer who works from home a few days a week. Co-teaches homeschooled kids: Speed Racer and Tiger Lilly.

Is a Systems Architect that works away from home weekly - but has a very flexible schedule. Co-Teaches homeschooled kids: Speed Racer and Tiger Lilly.

Razor Ray:
College Student who works part time at the hospital on the weekends (some weekdays too) and is now taking online classes at home to finish up his last 2 semesters at college while working. Helps Speed Racer and Tiger Lilly with homework and teaches PE.

College Student who works Internship as a Data Scientist and is finishing up her last semester at college while commuting to work and school from home. Tutors Speed Racer and Tiger Lilly when needed.

The Schedule Week

5am - Mom Leaves for day job
8am - Razor Ray drops Rose off at Train Station on Mon, Wed, Fri to work internship
9am - Dad leaves for work 3 days a week - the days change
9am - Tiger Lilly gets up to do online class and other course work
10am - Razor Ray wakes up Speed Racer to do online work and course work
3pm - Momma home, reviews all work done up until that time, and marks items for redo
3:30pm - Momma puts dinner on the stove /oven that was pre-prepped
4pm - Razor Ray takes Tiger Lilly and Speed Racer to YMCA for PE (Tue, Wed, Fri)
6pm - Momma takes Tiger Lilly and Speed Racer to Martial Arts / Dance

7:45pm - Family Dinner
8:30pm - Tiger Lilly and Speed Racer work with Hubba to finish up work
10pm - Hubba or Momma checks the work, approves it
10pm - Tiger Lilly and Speed Racer clean the kitchen
10pm - Momma goes to bed
11pm-12 am - Hubba and kids play video games or watch a movie

Tiger Lilly
Independent work from 9am - 3pm /break/
4pm-6pm /PE/
Independent work from 8:30pm-10pm

Speed Racer
Independent work from 10am-3pm /break/ *dad when home checks work or mom calls
4pm-6pm /PE/
Work with Dad 8:30pm-10pm

*If work is not completed by Friday - it has to be done on Sunday after church - Also, Landry hands on labs and projects will be worked on that day*

Yep, it's hectic, but it works. The kids are more independent and everyone helps out.


  • Meal Planning (do it on the weekend) Prep Meals for Mon-Fri
  • Curriculum that teaches itself (mostly)
  • Follow-up Daily
  • Have childcare on standby or rotate work schedules
  • Kids must do chores, cook, clean and help 
  • Realize that you won't be able to attend all those 'homeschool' focused activities and your schedule will work better with mainstream after school activities.
  • Be flexible


The TUTOR wasn't schedule this week for Algebra1 but we worked it out.

His work on  English, Grammar (Abeka) included some redo from last week failing quiz grade (due to him rushing to leave for his trip). We trimmed out use of the video and Abeka Spelling in place of Sequential Spelling Level 2. Creative Writing with Sandiego Scribblers online just started this week.

Reading in Biology, History (Abeka) is going slow this week.

Middle School Math we are reviewing Fractions again, since he doesn't seem very confident in them with Algebra, the tutor suggested he needed more practice (CTCMath).

Spanish (Middlebury Interactive) I have him do 3 ten minute lessons a day. It's slow going though.

Landry Academy courses gave him a bit more homework. A new project in Scratch Programming (Landry) and one in Electricity Science (Landry). Reading for Robotics (Landry) will be done but we decided to save all projects for Sunday work.

He did 25 min of practice in Vocabulary Building (Membean). For Programming he does 15 minutes with Python (CodeAcademy).


Had some hiccups with her week back to class. Some items weren't completed correctly, so it was added to her workload on Monday (which was supposed to be her day off)

Here college courses are not in person, so she can do the work when she wants. In Java Programming 1 she had an online interactive lab, 3 chapters to read, a discussion lab and intro to give and a Test 1. In College Math 1 she had A LOT of math problems for homework, a quiz, and had to show her problem with explanation in the discussion area. For her Illustration and Computer Graphics she had to read 3 chapters, do a demo, and write a page discussion and analysis piece about her work.

The Landry classes, C Programming Pt. 2 she had a project and a test. PC Pro consisted of reviewing on the 3 sections for this week, doing the quizzes and interactive labs.

Japanese she had a project to start on, a writing sample, a test and homework exercise. She is taking some courses independently on Game Design and Animation using and

Unity 3d, Game Salad and Javascript are courses she is taking using Techrocket and for her own passion of Game Design and Development. So I don't really keep up with what she's doing. However, she has shown me some of her works.

PE is killing her, her brother Razor Ray is serious about keeping her on a regimen.


Meals This week went well. I even had the kids put some of the pre-prepped meals in the oven for me when I was on my way home.

Cleaning. Nothing went as planned and the basement is still undone. Just 3 weeks to go to clear it out.

Work & Life Balance. Work went smoothly this week, packed with meetings and projects. The job hunt is proving fruitful with 3 interviews completed and in the final stages of decisions. Also, 2 prospects in waiting for me. All are exciting, but I need to think about how they will affect homeschooling. So far the kids are voting for me getting the travel job where I would work from home and travel every other week for 3 - 4 days. But they also like the on Island job in Hawaii where it would be just 10 min from home.

Lesson Planning. Last minute this week. It gets more challenging pulling from all the places the kids take their online classes. Which includes Landry, Online College, Code Academy, Sandiego Scribblers, Abeka, Middlebury, CTC Math and the list goes on.

Rest. I am getting great rest! With our revamped schedule, this is working out well.

Marriage Check Up. We are back in the swing of things after calming down about the move, cleaning and such. Also, planning for a birthday celebration for Hubba who told me he doesn't know what he wants (eek!)

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