Friday, March 25, 2016

The Family Move In Progress

We Did IT!

Moved across the ocean to a new and exciting place.

Cloudy day at the new home won't stop us from moving stuff in.

Homeschooling has been a great option for us while moving. Basically, I suspended all 'homeschool managed courses' and we just concentrated on getting used to our new home.

Work and homeschooling balance is off. The new job that I took to get here is a bit hectic right now as I meet deadlines, work late, drop kids off at Spring Break camp, and entertain my friend Diva Don who dropped in on the day I arrived back after finding our home. It was nice having a guest, but it was still an 'extra' thing to do that I hadn't prepared for. But...I survived and my guest is still my friend, lol!

Also on my first week here, I enrolled my Speed Racer into YMCA Summer camp. And got connected with a great homeschool group where the kids went to their first Island pool party.

Socialization was the name of the game.

Speed Racer and Tiger Lilly weren't too excited about the move, at least not in a positive way. They complained about missing friends and not knowing anyone.

But ... mom came to the rescue. I searched for MONTHS for ACTIVITIES, PLAY GROUPS, TRIPS and all out happenings that had other kids.

Little do they know, I've only touched the iceberg.

Hubby will be joining us next week. It's been a hard 3 weeks since he has been in our old home and I here. This is the longest time we have been apart since we got married. Let me tell you, it's not easy. Areas that he has spoiled me in, that I took for granted, I have to relearn.

However, it has made us take a look at each other differently - giving us a fresh glance and a new appreciation. I think we all are in that place where we realize how important our family is to us.

And isn't that what all this homeschooling is about? Family.


  1. I've missed reading your updates but was praying you were getting off to a good start in HI. I love your idea of getting your kids involved with groups and activities right off from the start. I'll be praying your husband can join you soon!

  2. I missed reading your updates too. Congratulations on a smooth move. I know what you mean about relearning things when your other half isn't around. It definitely puts things into perspective. Enjoy your new home.