Friday, January 15, 2016

And We're Off...


This week seemed like it was a rush forward with some backwards steps. However, we made it and will have a day off on Monday for President's day.

Speed Racer and Tiger Lilly went to a weekend long 'Winter Fest' with out church which gave me and Hubba some time to finish the daunting task of clearing out our basement.

The older two kiddos, Razor Ray and Rose were either working or spending time with friends - anything to get out of doing work. Humph!!


Course Lineup for 2016 Spring

The TUTOR from FunCation Academy is working out great for Algebra1 but we decided to forgo the tutor planned for Spanish. We slowed down the pace on English, Grammar and Spelling  (Abeka) by stop using the videos and just reading the workbooks and doing the work. Also, changed spelling to Sequential Spelling Level 2. Our planned move and cleanup is causing some raucous. Biology, History (Abeka) is still holding his interest and he is do decently on his test. He totally failed his recent quiz in, due to 'daze out' sessions while watching the the video. So, he went over it with the Abeka tutor and the FunCation Tutor. He also, is doing well with the Algebra 1 with Teaching Textbooks, he says it's 'easier'. We do practice Middle School Math so he doesn't lose it by doing drills and exercises in (CTCMath) and Spanish (Middlebury Interactive) is now becoming less successful do to the lack of personal interaction and writing. So I plan to just table this at the end of February and have him take a more interactive class next school year.

Landry Academy courses started and he is enjoying them. Although, I have to watch him to make sure he stays focused, he has a problem yawning and slipping off to play music. He had a project in Scratch Programming (Landry) and got his kits in Electricity Science (Landry) and Robotics (Landry) which didn't cost extra with the Landry Academy. His vocabulary and word usage improved in Vocabulary Building (Membean). He likes programming (for now) with Python (CodeAcademy)


Is hating that her winter break is over. However, her classes are lighter this semester than next.

Thankfully I had her prep for JAVA taking Techrocket and her week's activities were not to extensive in Java Programming 1, College Math 1, Illustration and Computer Graphics.  

Her homeschool classes with Landry picked up with a bang, C Programming Pt. 2, PC Pro
Japanese. She is taking some courses independently on Game Design and Animation using and

Razor Ray is being paid as her personal training. Tiger Lilly hates it, but does what he asks her and she has dropped about 5lbs after 2 weeks of exercise daily.


Meals The diet is a struggle, but I am using LiveStrong app (for myself and Tiger Lilly). She has put on weight so now we are making basic meals with lean meat, steamed veggies and a small helping of carbs. My husband hates it.

Cleaning. The house is wrecked. My older kids have 'zoned out' and are now too busy to help clean up. I called Habitat For Humanity to pick up items and told family they can come get stuff. The house still needs a hard cleaning, but now we are just getting rid of stuff my hubby hoarded in our basement.

Work & Life Balance.Finding a job - is a job! My day job is going well, just a rather toxic environment that I've grown used to and has improved a bit in the last few weeks. But now it's time to move on and find something that will get us closer to moving. My husband's job is easily transferring him - mine is still lagging which is frustrating so now I have been coming home from work and sending out about 20 resumes a day (yes, I do send out that many - finding a job is a numbers game and you have to play the odds). Thankfully, I've had 3 interviews and I've only been at this for a week. One gig is a work at home and travel 40% and the other two are in Hawaii. Many prayers that all goes smoothly.

Lesson Planning. Well I got lazy and then had to rush and get them done. My kids 'critique' sent me back to redo them 2 more times.

Rest. I love getting good sleep. I am dreaming more, and realize I tend to have rather exciting dreams where I have either super powers, am running from something or fighting something. Hum....

Marriage Check Up. We are on an up swing since we will not have the younger kids in the house for the weekend. We sent them with our church and now we can lay in bed and catch up on all the shows we've been waiting to watch together.


  1. I do not know how you manage to work and school- you are a super woman - it's no wonder you dream about having super powers!

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