Sunday, June 1, 2014

Restless Yet Challenged

Do you ever feel like you are Dorothy during the storm in the Wizard Of Oz?

Well that's what I feel like my family is in now. Whew! What a month.

So much is going on I can barely keep up.


to Ireland she Comes...

Yes, this week my oldest daughter, Roses, left for Ireland. It was a whirlwind of last minute packing, gorging on foods that she knew she wouldn't be able to eat for 2 weeks and just plain rushing.

She is doing the Study Abroad program at her Community College (yeah, she graduated from there but anyone can attend their Study Abroad program trips). They required she attend classes on the history of Ireland for 4 hours a day for 5 days a week prior to going to class.

a show to remember...

Speed Racer had his end of year show where he did his Break Dancing routine and impressed his grandma (my mother who lives in the area). This Break Dancing activity has been a hit for him and he originally didn't even want to consider it. However, after I took him to the dance school and 'confirmed' there would be boys in the class, he was sold! He loves this so much that he wants to join the dance team later this year.

still dragging feet...

Tiger Lilly still is finishing up her last 7 lessons in Teaching Textbook Geometry. Also, she had corrupted her files for her Youth Digital Mod Design (Java) class and we are hoping she doesn't have to begin from scratch since she is almost done. 

a budding workaholic...

My oldest son, Static Ray, is growing up to be a young man I adore. The guy know has 3 jobs (working at the hospital as a Transporter on weekends, Valet jobs as they come, camp counselor 5 days a week). Oh, did I mention he made it to the All Star Lacrosse Team for Community College Summer League? In addition he got approached by 4 - Division 2 schools to play for scholarships? However, his mind is made up on what school he wants to finish out his 4 year degree at, so we will see what he decides next year. Don't feel bad about all his working - my son still understands the importance of play and has planned several 'beach weekends' and a cruise for himself and friends later this year.

Mom & Dad's musical jobs...

My day gig as an IT Consultant makes it so that I tend to move around from job to job when the time is up on the contract I'm working. So this summer I will be seeking out new opportunities - again. To say I hate this part of my career choice is mild, but the truth of the matter is, on some scale, I'm used to it yet frustrated by it.

Also, my Hubs is in the same field, so he too will be starting a new job in the next 3 months. Thankfully, because I work, and now own my own consulting business with a good friend of mine, he will be our first employee.

To say God is good and does amazing things is an understatement in this case. Truth is, I don't know how I do this, homeschool, work a day gig and build a business on the side, except to say all those things they say about Hyper Active people aren't true. You can be Hyper and accomplish many things.

The beat goes on...

Just because there are many changes going on in our home at this time, the most exciting thing about Homeschooling is, I can make it flexible and fit into whatever changes come our way.

I still ask...

And this year, I still second guess my decision to homeschool going forward. So, I ask my kids yet again, do they want to do this again this coming school year.

Their response was, "Yeah! Now please stop asking us. You're freakin' us out."


  1. Hey, did you have Tiger Lilly contact to our support team? They are really good at sorting out corrupted files and making sure she has as little to redo as possible.

    1. Aaah this is Meg from Youth Digital, didn't realize I was signed in with my personal account.