Monday, May 26, 2014

Why won't it end already?

Yeah, I asked that question because we are SUPPOSED to be finished school!


Tiger Lilly, has been dragging her feet on Geometry. I know, I could let her slide since she has finished Thinkwell Geometry. But the truth was, I wasn't too happy with Thinkwell Geometry and don't feel as though Tiger Lilly has effectively conquered the course, so I won't let her finish SCHOOL until she finishes Geometry with Teaching Textbooks.


She has been fudging on her Teaching Textbooks Geometry Lessons by doing the following:

1) completing the lesson but skipping 6 or so questions
2) guessing at the answers instead of actually knowing the answers
3) getting many of the questions wrong on the first try
4) plain not doing the lessons for the week

So, I told her she will just have to keep doing school until she finished the complete TT Geometry lessons. She's got just 10 more to do, but she insist on doing only 1 a day. So be it.

School for us starts again July 14th.


We went Camping! What fun and I really needed a bit of roughing it. No TVs, No Internet, No Video Games, just relaxation and fun.

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  1. Camping! I'm jealous. I hope you get to go do some more relaxing stuff before school starts up again. :)