Sunday, June 8, 2014

Taking The Ability To Homeschool For Granted

Yes, it's true. There are Homeschool SNOBs and Traditional school SNOBs and Private School SNOBs.

I've encountered them all. But I was never one of them because. I went to public school (and hated it). I also went to private school up til 10th grade and (hated it).

However, truth be told, I benefited in major ways from each environment.

When I began Homeschooling I was floored by how many people who homeschooled pointed their noses down at people that didn't want to or couldn't fathom homeschooling.


If you are able to homeschool because you have a husband who is willing and able to work so that you can stay at home with your kids - you are blessed.

Many women in my Urban community don't have that choice. Their husbands are gone, unplugged, or not around any longer.

Or, the environment doesn't allow for a 1 working person household.

Those poor folks have to fight through the muck that is their school situation.

So I just say be SENSITIVE to the fact that someone else that may want to continue to homeschool - can't because the economics of their lifestyle doesn't allow it. And you know what? That's okay.


I hate to spell it out, but I would be hiding out if I didn't. Some homeschooling parents don't teach their kids! Some don't. They just take those kids on field trips for days and the kids are obviously behind in their core learning skills.

It breaks my heart to see it and hear their moms complain that they don't have the time and that the kid is learning at their own desire.

My jaw dropped. In that case, if someone has so many kids and doesn't have the energy to give all of them the caring as Mom and Educator - send the kid to school. Give yourself a break. There is no martyrdom in this. Either you can do it or you can't. Traditional school isn't the 'devil' if you need to place your kid there because you can't effectively school them at home.

SIGH...but hey, THEY AREN'T MY ISSUES..right?

That's what I tell myself. But every now and again, when someone is getting snippy with me about the curriculum I selected for my kid being 'too difficult' I laugh to myself because I'm able to pull off a difficult curriculum, work, take care of a house and still don't complain. Why?

Because I know. I know! That I'm blessed.



  1. great post! We are in a difficult financial situation and I know that any day I may have to give up homeschooling. I know we are blessed for as long as we are able to do it. I give my thanks for God for allowing us this opportunity and ask for his blessing to allow us to continue.

  2. Thank you Amy. I have to remind myself that being able to pull this off is special. Not to be taken for granted. If it is, why do it?