Monday, March 3, 2014

Oh my! We are finishing our curriculum WAY too EARLY

How did this happen? Well some of our planned vacations got cancelled and we just filled in those do nothing days with our curriculum lessons.


The Abeka DVD boxed curriculum has 170 lessons. We started the 2nd week of July and are finishing March 30th if we keep at the rate we are going.

And I don't know what to do next...


I don't want school to stop until May 19th, 2014 and I plan on us taking off the month of Mid May through Mid July.

So we will have to fill in that time with areas where the kids are really needing some tightening up.


Tiger Lilly plans to take several CLEP test in May and June. She has been bumped up to 8th grade and will officially be a high schooler next school year.  However, we will use this time to study for them by doing the following for our 5 day school. We mapped out only 3 to 4 hours of study either with her siblings or a study group at our co-op.

- Reading CLEP Study Guides
- Practice Test
- Watching course videos to summarize what we learned this school year

Test to take in May/June:

Analyzing Literature (studying with her brother & sister who are taking it)
English Composition
English Literature
American Literature
Humanities (studying with her brother & sister who are taking it)
College Mathematics (combines Alg 1 & Geometry which she took this year)

Inspired by book CLEP LESSON PLANS by Tricia McQuarrie (


So my elementary schooler, Speed Racer, will be able to do some of the classes he's been wanting to try out that his sister was finishing up. Game Design 1 (he loves watching her create video games. And this is interactive)
Jr. Analytical Grammar
Sequential Spelling 5
A+ Interactive Math Grade 5
Guitar (Private Lessons)

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