Friday, March 21, 2014


This week my daughter is starting to really get into reading the classics. And I have to admit, it's hard even for me.


Who says we homeschoolers or any student has to learn the traditional way?


So I went to and ordered some really reasonable tickets for us to go the all the Shakespeare plays I could find.

This is what we've done to prepare.

1) Read samples of his plays
2) Watched English Literature course
3) Skipped around the internet for reviews of his works

Then ... da ... da ... da dum!

We booked some reasonable shows

Romeo & Juliet
King Richard III

We'll be going to see them all in the next few weeks.

1) Taking our cliffnotes (yeah! Mom's not an English Teacher so I'm going to need some help)
2) Drawing pad (my Tiger Lilly likes to draw so she's going to capture her favorite scenes)

CIRCUS! CIRCUS! CIRCUS! is coming to town!


As a great adventure for my Speed Racer! We are going to Ringling Brother's circus. AND...


Then for Spring Break! - Speed Racer is going to CIRCUS CAMP!!!! Yes! you heard me (I'm patting myself on the back for this one).

This is an inspiration for both him and I. He'll be writing a paper on his adventures running away with the circus. Also, the camp is for 1 week and ends with him in a circus act!


Well we are on track for Tiger Lilly to take the Analyzing Literature CLEP.

We decided to move the Technical Writing DSST that she has to retake to the beginning of school later this year.

Her Algebra 1 with Teaching Textbooks is coming to and end. And her Abeka Algebra 1 is only 20 days from ending.

Biology is going so slow with Thinkwell I want to speed it up but it's just so much information I won't do that to her.

Computer programming with Youth Digial is going great and will be finished by June when she goes to summer camp.

So, Speed Racer, is almost finished his Abeka Academy classes (Math 4, Reading, Penmanship, Language Arts, History ~ Science ended and now the dvds are teaching Health)

Just 15 more days of instruction and it'll be done.

Spanish totally rocks with Currclick which is only 6 lessons but interactive. Not enough for it to stick I don't think but a good orientation to the language. He's also doing Spanish.


  1. Now that is the perfect way to study Shakespeare. I'm hoping they'll have Shakespeare in the park again this year where we live so we can go. (And I totally LOVE the idea of taking Cliffs Notes with you - I would definitely need them as well!)

  2. We've enjoyed Shakespeare Uncovered from PBS:

  3. Hi! Hopping over from Weekly Wrap-up! Thanks for visiting! Do you mean the steam-powered power plant or the RC boat kit (your question)? Jake is making the power plant at school. He attends a STEM high school in the city. Sam is making the boat from a Technics kits (Lego) and other Legos we have around. So, school is wrapping up for the year soon? Wow! I think we'll be going through mid-June this year!

  4. Good on you for going to Shakespeare plays. There is a pretty big Shakespeare thing in my area but I've never really enjoyed them much - so hard to understand . But I think it is a great experience for sure!