Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Working And Homeschooling Not An Impossible Feat

Working And Homeschooling Not An Impossible Feat

I know the thought of home educating your child while being a working parent or even a single working parent appears to be an impossible feat. is not.


Do your research. Believe it or not the number of working parents and single parents deciding to home educate their kids is growing daily. Homeschooling isn't what it used to be perceived to be. It doesn't necessarily mean mom is sitting at the table playing teacher.

Figure out the Logistics. Childcare is a major issue for the working parent who is outside of the home. In this situation consider being creative. Flip flop work schedules with a spouse or even a friend who also homeschools their kid or needs childcare. Call daycare centers, home daycare providers and ask them if they will take 'drop ins' or homeschool children. Believe it or not, many will. Hire a nanny. I know this may sound expensive but in some cases it isn't when you do the hire yourself of a young homeschooling teen, a college student, or even some services are reasonably priced.

Find a curriculum that is portable. Even though as a new prospective homeschooling parent you want to be creative with your kids learning or you have no idea how to teach them, there are ways to do so. If you don't have money to purchase a curriculum - there are even free, step by step, day by day curriculums online you can use. Also consider online schools if you want accreditation or a report card managed by another institution. Find one that meets your needs as well as your child's. Don't bite off too much at first. Spend the first year homeschooling learning your child and how they learn. Research the most easiest, spelled out curriculum you can find to make your transition easy. Also, don't feel obligated to follow the curriculum 100%. Tweak it, and shape it to fit your needs.

Find an Umbrella Group or Homeschooling Group nearby. This is important to do prior to pulling your kid out of school. Take the time to meet people who are doing this journey with their family. Ask them the dumb questions and for guidance in dealing with your state and the laws. Also for finding resources for your kid.

Inquire with your Board of Ed to see what is required. Use the internet as a resource and contact your state to find out what the rules or laws are for homeschoolers there.

Have a backup plan. Always have a backup plan for childcare and support. As a working parent who is outside the home childcare and making sure your student is learning are most important. The best way to make sure this happens with as little stress as possible is to have a good support system.

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  1. Yes it is not impossible...Awesome blog!!! As I am in a working family I can understand what it feels as it won't be easy for us to give time for studies. So, I prefer going with online homeschooling. This will give you children a proper knowledge with suitable budget.