Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Finally They Have Assimulated!


Okay I'm giving away some of my STAR WARS and the BORG fan fare.

But it's true! My kids are getting it.

This is now our 70th Lesson (9th week) of homeschooling and the kids and I are really enjoying it.

CLASSES and School Time Targets

Yep, we have started a Co-op Art Class. We are in our 3rd week of it and I never thought they'd be able to participate in it because as parents who work outside of the home, doing an activity in the middle of the day is difficult. But myself and Hubba worked things out so they could do this 8 week session on Art Appreciation.

As far as regular instruction goes, the kids are used to having at least a quiz a week per class and about 3 to 4 test a week. They are on board now and have a rythm worked out for completing thier video lectures, seatwork and homework all in the alloted time. Speed Racer at 4th grade is consistently finishing in 3.5 hrs with his 2-10 min breaks. My Tiger Lilly has increased her courseload and is now taking her 6 hrs to finish school.


Aha! Always a change.

Four day weeks are in full effect now! Woot!

Added Classes are:

Speed Racer - Spanish 1 (Spanish Town & Individual Software Easy Spanish)

Tiger Lilly - Biology (This took the timeslot for Typing. This is non-intensive with no labs-she just wanted to explore more biology so I added the Thinkwell Biology program). Art of the Argument (logic course) will also be tackled this coming January.

Both: Art Co-op

Dropped or Ended Classes:

Tiger Lilly - Typing - She's accomplished her 30 wpm and so typing ended for this school year. She will have lots of practice

Tiger Lilly - Abeka Bible - we are using our Teen Devotional.

Independent Art - This ended since she started at the Art Co-op


Mid year I plan on adding some additional subjects or supplements to Tiger Lilly's curriculum

I plan to have her CLEP test for Algebra 1 and English Composition.

So in February, she will be finishing up her Teaching Textbook Geometry/Algebra 1 (free's up 1 hr) and we will start the CLEP study classes (I found a CLEP lesson plans by Tricia McQuarrie book she will be working through) and we will be doing Analytical Grammar to pull in loose grammar edges before testing and starting 9th grade English. Also, Speed Reading, 20 minutes a day using a ACE software package I got on sale. the amazing (did I say AMAZING!) Game Design 1 and 2 curriculum my daughter's been working is supposed to last a school year, but my Tiger Lilly LOVES it so much she works on it when she's not scheduled to and instead of finishing it in May, she'll be finishing it in February. So we will start her on Java by Homeschool Programming.


Well the truth is, I knew nothing of CLEP testing. I kept going to several forums like The Well Trained Mind Forum and saw parents talk about it. After some research I found that my kid could test out of college courses, earn credit, for taking a CLEP test on a subject I'm already teaching her at home. So it just made sense to pursue it for my Tiger Lilly who is an avid learner.

Lastly, my kids are absolutely blossoming under homeschooling. They are turning into HAPPY little geeks, even my Speed Racer. How could a mom ask for more?


  1. Nita, hi, it's me, the IT PM. :) Glad to hear your success stories of homeschooling and work! love your comment that your kids are turning into happy little geeks! :)

  2. Yes, I have found that our homeschooling is a constant changing process.

  3. I know just when I think I've got everything in place - wham! I see another curriculum or my kids ask for more addons and i'm changing things again. However, I have found that I'm somewhat of a curriculum addict.

  4. It is a good feeling when you find things that work. I think I have it figured out but I could become a curriculum junkie if I had the money. I think my kids wouldn't like it much.

  5. Good for you! sounds like things are coming along beautifully. We also have a 4 day school week and love it. I know it feels good to be finding your stride in homeschooling. Enjoy your art classes and all the great things happening in your homeschool!