Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Why this Working Parent Doesn't Complain About Homeschooling

Why I Don't Complain About Homeschooling or Working

It allows me the opportunity to take a step back when I want to.

My life growing up was challenging. With a single teenage mom who worked two to three jobs to support us, I have nothing to complain about. My life is so much easier.

You know what too? She never complained about caring for my brother and I. She always was resourceful and worked hard.


When I am having a difficult time with a point in my life, a situation, a child, my marriage, a job, I do the following:

1) Pray and fast on the issue.

This is a powerful tool and time with God. It humbles me everytime, yet empowers me to know, that things will work out in God's time at HIS will.

2) Jot down a plan A, B, C

For me this is a need. It helps me to see that there are many ways to solve or deal with the issue at hand.

3) Talk about it

I to talk to my husband, my friends, my kids about situations. They all give good insight and for my kids, I like them to see that mom and dad are human, make mistakes, pray through those mistakes and KEEP GOING no matter what.


Sometimes it is good to complain. To vent. To let out all the bubbled up negativity. THEN YOU MUST MOVE FORWARD.

When we stay in a negative space, thought, place too long - it sucks us in and surrounds us. You become bitter and mean.

Therefore, vent it (even to yourself outloud) then FORGET IT. Get over it.

Force a smile on your face.
Remind yourself of your blessings.
Re-focus on your needs or actions to circumvent the issue.
Let it go.


Because we have tried the other ways, and this way has been the MOST FRUITFUL to us. It's given us freedom. Allowed my kids to own their successes, because we guide them through making their dreams come true. We are allowed mistakes, and can recover from them since we decide the roads and the inputs our child receives. THERE IS NO REST or PERFECTIONs, only the journey we carve out.

It all ends in the same place - GROWING UP, GETTING A JOB, HAVING THEIR OWN FAMILIES. We just chose a different road to get there.


  1. AMEN! Keep doing such a great job!

  2. Great post! I couldn't agree more. Your glass can either be half empty or half full. The level doesn't change, just the way you view it :)