Friday, November 11, 2016

Our Weekly Check - up


It has been a few weeks of ups and downs. Busy schedules got the best of us, but we decided to do forced relaxation.

We went to the beach two weekends in a row!

Speed Racer Piloted a glider this weekend.

He had a monthly birthday celebration with Young Eagles.

Myself and Rose went to the Ms. Hawaii Pageant! 

And we were disappointed with America's choice for president. BUT...are hopeful
My older kids and husband and I did Early Voting.


Overall:  We are getting into a rhythm and are 75 days into our Abeka curriculum.
We've accomplished a lot these two weeks with our curriculum and with tons of outside activities.

DRAMA Club was interesting. The kids are video taping their skits and posting them on youtube. My son only had to do one scene this week and will have to remember his parts for the next scene.

PLAYDATE he had with his friend from Young Eagles was wonderful. They plan to try and surf next time. He spend the day with his friend's family then we took the boys to the movies.

BASKETBALL was a winner. His older brother Razor Ray is the coach and they won their first game.

MARTIAL ARTs he is working towards getting his first belt this November. Keep your fingers crossed.

CHALLENGES: Algebra practice. This subject is kicking our behinds. He just doesn't seem to be solidifying the fact. SO.... We are now doing 1 page of practice a night. This is challenging as he already does some Algebra in the morning with CTCMath, then in the afternoon with SAXON and now at night with this hands on practice book. I am hoping that his understanding will turn around.

Day Classes that he is doing Independently

(7am-8:30am) [MON and WED] - BLOCK Classes
Landry Academy Classes [October Break started this Monday-this schedule is last week's]

Writing ER: is live on Monday's. He had a paper to do and some Wiki updates to do for grammar. He did well on those but his quiz grade bought his overall grade down to a C.

Python Programming is live on Wednesday's: The test was hard and he didn't do well on it this week. He still has a B for now, but I will see how the grade changes when he turns in his project.

(8:30am-9am) Snack Break

(9 am-11am) DAILY Independent

Psychology, SociologyMacro EconPhysics, Algebra 1 review and Information Systems ( he really enjoys the 5 to 7 minute video and is doing well on the 5 question test in each subject. I have him doing the Chapter TEST on Friday's since they are usually 30 questions long.

Body Language (Udemy) he is really dragging this class out. He skipped several lessons and I am making him go back and do them over. These lessons and vidoes are 15 minutes long.

CTCMath (Algebra 1 - Supplement): DAILY .He gets this done in 20 to 30 minutes a day depending on the topic. He's been scoring 70's and 80's on the lesson quizzes.

Membean (Vocabulary Builder) has helped him with his vocabulary and deciphering of words. He is still on Level 2.

IXL (Language Arts - Review)  he is doing better on these than he did last year. It could be his Landry class or the fact that he is taking 2 English courses this year.
Prodigy (Math Game - Basic Math Review)  he is now getting bored with this. He claims because when he in online, other kids aren't. So I may remove this next month and just have him do the DRILLS with CTCMath.

(11am-12:30am) [THU only] Online Live Class Independent - BLOCK CLASSES
Landry Academy Classes [October Break started this Monday-this schedule is last week's]

Spanish live is on Thursday's: This teacher posted a Quizlet list for the kids to go over daily with homework. He started working through the list on Monday. He does a bit of the weekly homework a little each day.

(12:30-1:00pm) - lunch

(1pm-2pm) DAILY Independent

Geometry (Teaching Textbooks as our Math Lab) he is on schedule and making higher grades in the 90s.

Ace Reader (Speed Reading & Comprehension) We realized that there were more Sessions in this tool so he is forging on with them. This has REALLY helped his reading spead. We will probably use (7 Speed Reading after this completes)

(2pm-2:30pm) DAILY Independent

Copy work is doing Great Writer's Quotes in cursive, he writes so well in cursive and to think he's a lefty! It takes him 10 minutes

Wordly Wise he finishes these pretty quick and have been making between 75% and 85% on his test.

(2:30pm-3pm) Snack Break

Mom or Dad 'Assist' with these courses

(3pm-4:45pm) DAILY with Mom / Dad or Sibling assistance.
Geometry AbekaAcademy he is doing well in this class now. He has a firm B and passes his quizzes and test. However, for his test, I do allow him to have it open book.

Sequential Spelling  We are getting into the more challenging test so his test have lots of corrections.

Algebra 1 (Saxon with DIVE dvds):This is really helping in part with his geometry also. He's doing okay on his test. I think its the spiral recall that helps. He got a B on his test (but had to redo some questions).

(5pm) Martial Arts  or Soccer
PE (Soccer & Martial Arts) I am ready for Soccer to be over. It seems we overbooked and the getting him to games has become stressful on Saturdays.

(6:15-6:30pm) 2 days a week with Mom / Dad or Sibling assistance.
3-minute devotional for guys is on Wednesday and Friday's. We now have allowed him to lead in nightly family prayer.

(7-7:30pm) Dinner

(7:30pm - 8:15pm) DAILY with Mom / Dad or Sibling assistance.
Chemistry his Abeka he did well on his open book Test. We prefer to stick to the concepts and not worry about memorizing the formula.

(8:15pm-9:15pm) 3 or 2 days a week with Mom / Dad or Sibling assistance.
English Literature and American Literature We decided to watch the movies and plays for both of them subjects. His test and quizzes are a challenge but I've let him do them open book.

Tiger Lilly's Week: High Schooler /Dual Enrolled 15 yrs old

She is coasting into the home stretch!

CHALLENGES: She is working on her Game Developer Portfolio. This is a love and hate project. She wants to do it, but doesn't like all the work she has realized has to be done to prepare to do it.

(9 am-10:30am) DAILY
Landry Academy
Network Pro she has class on TUESDAY . Her 'TESTOUT' is going well. The teacher just meets with the students and chats, but outside of that, testout is doing all the 'interactive teaching..

10:30am-11:30am - 2 days a week
Software Development class (Homeschool Class by mom) she presented and turned in her GAME FRAMEWORK STUDY paper and is now working on her GAME DESIGN SPECIFICATIONs paper.

See the Light Art Class 2 days a week and now she has grown more in her art by using 'Perspective'.

11:30am-12:30pm- 3 days a week
Calculus  She completed 2 weeks of instruction. So far I've had to hire her a tutor to work with her 2 times a week. It's working out well so far.

1:30pm-4:30pm- 3 days a week [Dual Enrolled College Courses with]
Research This class just started. She is only 2 weeks in but it is only 4 weeks. She has reading, quizzes and one paper due a week.

Her finished college courses:

Nutrition Finished this online course at UMUC with a B

Relational Database Design Finished this online course at UMUC with a B

Technical Writing Finished this online course at UMUC with a B
Information Application Management  She finished this class with an A. 

5pm-6:30pm - 3 days a week - PE
Soccer and Martial Arts . She basically quit soccer. So I am planning to add to her martial arts. She does go to the gym with her dad.

7pm-8:30pm - 4 days a week
Japanese she is transitioning to an in person course soon. Now she is just using her tutor.

Build Video Game using Unity 3D she is using WebUcator (javascript) and Udemy (Unity) to learn the programs for this.

8:30pm-9pm - 2 days a week
3-minute Devotional for Girls We have totally gotten behind on these.


Meals Bad meal planning this week. They had to eat out a few times since we didn't get to the grocery store early enough in the weekend.

Cleaning. Meh, we had a week of mayhem then we cleaned up on Sunday while dad and I shouted orders.

Work & Life Balance. It's been challenging since I have to study for a certification exam, look for another jobs since mine was a temporary contract position, and do software patches, programs and maintain a busy few weeks lately.

Lesson Planning. I have to get back on track. I've been doing the schedule way to late in my weekend.

Rest. Back on track. I now have a sleeping mask and earplugs. I love them!

Marriage Check Up. Date night only once in the last weekend. We did try to get out the house, but one kid trailed with us so, no date night.

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