Friday, September 23, 2016

Successful Teamwork

For My Kiddos and Friends

This is their video submission of their web application. The team of my 19 yr old Rose, my 15 year old Tiger Lilly and their friends 13 yr old and two 12 yr olds was a great success.

My 19 yr old Rose was the team lead, and they other kids were the front end developers while Rose worked on setting up the Web Server, the MySQL database and writing the code to do the logic for the webpage.

Two in a half weeks of work and they have an operational product.

Web Application for Disabled Citizens to create a Video Resume to share with their case workers.
The girls (Tiger Lilly and Rose) wore matching headbands the day of the final check-in.

The girls wore matching headbands since we had to go into the final check-in meeting. And ta da da...


Speed Racer had a busy week also.

He got a new instrument that we have to hear him play all night. It's called a  Berimbau which is an instrument used in Capoiera.

Here, he is doing a handstand, which he does when he is in between online classes and wants to break up the time between his classes and get out all of his nervous energy.

This happened when I went for a bathroom break while he was supposed to be doing Chemistry!

12 yrs
Overall: It's been hectic and we BAILED on some work during the week that we hope to finish by Sunday. NEWLY added: 5 lesson BODY LANGUAGE class on UDEMY (my child need to learn how to read people to determine when to engage and when not to engage)

CHALLENGES: We always have them. This week, I've had to increase the items I hold hostage in our family safe. I've added our school 'tablets', television 'remotes', and 'playstation DS'. Not to mention the TEST DVD from Saxon that a little boy got a hold of and decided to watch the DIVE dvd to the math problems for him (that was last week's challenge). So I moved Algebra to mom time.

(7am-8:30am) Online Live Class Independent
Landry Academy Classes

Writing ER: is live on Monday's.  His grade is a solid C+, mainly because at times he gets lazy and does subpar work when I'm not looking over his shoulder or he knows I don't plan to check his work.

Python Programming is live on Wednesday's: He is getting better at finishing the assignments without his sister helping. He hates reading though, so we are working on him slowing down and reading the chapter assignments.

(8:30am-9am) Snack Break

(9 am-11am) DAILY Independent
Psychology, Sociology, Macro Econ, Physics and Information Systems takes him10 MINUTES per course. He's getting more proficient with finishing of the quizzes of 5 questions.

Body Language (Udemy) is 10 minutes a session and is only 5 sessions.

Online Classes takes 15 to 20 minutes
IXL (Language Arts) is on Monday and Wednesday and it takes him twenty minutes to finish. He doesn't like it, but realizes that it reinforces his grammar skills.

Prodigy (Math Game) Tuesday and Friday and he really likes it. He said sometimes he has to watch the time because he would stay on it for too long.

CTCMath (Algebra): on Monday and Friday. He does this before his work and says it helps him to understand or review anything that he didn't do well on with the Saxon/Dive lessons.It takes him about 30 minutes.

(11am-12:30am) Online Live Class Independent
Landry Academy Classes

Spanish live is on Thursday's: This teacher posted a Quizlet list for the kids to go over daily with homework. He started working through the list on Monday. He does a bit of the weekly homework a little each day.

(12:30-1:00pm) - lunch

(1pm-2pm) DAILY Independent

Membean we lowered this to 10 minutes of training a day.

Geometry (Teaching Textbooks) he is whizzing through this and I asked him if he wanted to put it aside, he said it helps him with understanding his Abeka Geometry, and gives him more practice.

Speed Reading & Comprehension with Ace Reader he is almost finish this tool. I will have to find him another Speed reading activity tool at this rate.

(2pm-2:30pm) DAILY Independent

Copy work is doing Great Writer's Quotes in cursive, he writes so well in cursive and to think he's a lefty! It takes him 10 minutes

Wordly Wise he finishes these pretty quick and have been making between 75% and 85% on his test.

(2:30pm-3pm) Snack Break

(3pm-4:45pm) DAILY with Mom / Dad or Sibling assistance.
Geometry AbekaAcademy is back on track. I let him do his current test 'open book' and he got a 98%. I think we may do if he needs it.

Sequential Spelling  He did just 'okay' on his test, so we are continuing on and see how he does on Test 2 next week.

Algebra 1 (Saxon with DIVE dvds):He tries to do the Lesson homework BEFORE he watches the  DIVE videos. Homework or Seatwork he does Problem set #1 evens or odds. He's being tested every week it seems. This works out for him as this is the 2nd time he's taking Algebra 1. He is really solidifying the topics better this year.

(5pm) Martial Arts  or Soccer
Soccer & Martial Arts: I am ready for Soccer to be over. It seems we overbooked and the getting him to games has become stressful on Saturdays.

PE Is done 6 days a week. He needs to be busy.

(6:15-6:30pm) 2 days a week with Mom / Dad or Sibling assistance.
3-minute devotional for guys is on Wednesday and Friday's. I am loving the discussions I have with him about it.

(7-7:30pm) Dinner

(7:30pm - 8:15pm) DAILY with Mom / Dad or Sibling assistance.
Chemistry his Abeka he did well on his open book quiz. I had to print out his formulas for him though.

(8:15pm-9:15pm) 3 or 2 days a week with Mom / Dad or Sibling assistance.
English Literature and American Literature These subjects are going well. We will reinforce with movies and plays.

Weekend Plans: Both CAP and YOUNG EAGLES programs were cancelled as was his SOCCER game.

Tiger Lilly's Week: High Schooler /Dual Enrolled 15 yrs old

All her classes are in full gear and we made some additions to her schedule.

CHALLENGES: The Hackathon work wasn't being well managed by Tiger Lilly. She started doing work that wasn't completed by another team member which caused her to neglect to turn in one of her COLLEGE assignments (Yikes!). When I found out, I contacted the team member's parent after talking to him and he got back on board (all be it with a bit of an arrogance I'm not used to seeing in a 14 yr old). Therefore, she had to contact her professor and beg him to allow her to turn in the assignment off sequence. He did, but she took a hit on the grade.

(9 am-10:30am) DAILY
Landry Academy
Network Pro she has class on TUESDAY . Her 'TESTOUT' interactive software used for this class she is getting 100% on her quizzes. The homework (Mon, Wed, Thu, and Fri) takes her about thirty minutes.
10:30am-11:30am - 2 days a week
[Hackathon work] Software Development class (Homeschool Class by mom) She is working on building a web application for the Hackathon - finishing up Wordpress, with JAVA and PHP to build their website and app.

See the Light Art Class 2 days a week and she shows off her Art and she's been getting more adventurous with it lately.

11:30am-12:30pm- 3 days a week
Calculus with Saxon & Dive and CTCMath She only worked on the CTCMath these last two weeks. She also has been resorting to Khan Academy to further understand some concepts.

1:30pm-4:30pm- 3 days a week [Dual Enrolled College Courses with]
Nutrition This week she had a project, a quiz and discussion question.

Relational Database Design Now she downloaded Oracle SQL Developer. It's supposed to help her with designing her database and doing her queries to the Oracle database she has to connect to during class.

Technical Writing She has had to write technical documents for all types of industries. This week she wrote a manual. Although, she could've tested out of this with DSST, I'm glad she is still taking the course since she is learning a lot.

5pm-6:30pm - 3 days a week - PE
Soccer and Martial Arts . She is hating soccer.

7pm-8:30pm - 4 days a week
Japanese with 1.5 hr tutoring and I added some daily IMMERSION cds.

Build Video Game using Unity 3D she will be working with a tutor from IDTech to help her when she gets stuck creating her games.

Japanese with 1.5 hr tutoring and I added some daily IMMERSION cds.

8pm-9pm - 2 days a week
3-minute Devotional for Girls we are moving steadily through the devotional. However, she isn't asking as many questions as I'd like.


Meals Well, it's been a bad meal week. Hotdogs and french fries, Airfry to make steak and chicken (my husband had to make to side items) and Pizza from Dominos.

Cleaning. We are getting into a routine. I don't know how long it will last.

Work & Life Balance. Ugh, dropping off my two oldest kids to work on my way to work. I was so spoiled when I only had to wake up and get myself out the door.

Lesson Planning. Forever changing. Seems I can only do it on the last minute Sunday since my kids tend to be using the weekend to finish work they didn't want to do during the week.

Rest. I am slipping back to my 11:45pm bedtime which isn't good. Not that the kids are finishing later, but that I am watching my Fall lineup of TV shows which keep me up since I video tape them to watch later.

Marriage Check Up. For some reason, hubby's been cranky. Then I realized that he and I haven't had a 'date' night in 2 weeks. So... I am looking at some comedy clubs for us to check out.

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