Thursday, June 23, 2016

My 12 yr Old's Opinion On Homeschooling

Homeschool Year Reflection By Speed Racer my 12 years old, 7th Grade, Blended Middle Schooler going to start High School next year.

Since Speed Racer was my first and youngest child who had requested to be homeschooled in 2nd grade, I really wanted his feedback on this journey.

Speed Racer's interview.

Overall how to do feel about this past year of homeschooling?

It was harder, lots of subjects and I got confused when we moved with what I needed to do and when. I wish the school year was shorter.

 What subjects were your favorite?

Minecraft homeschool. Robotics at least the building the robots part, I didn't like all the extra work I had to do.

What would you like to change about your schedule?

I'd like the school work to be shorter and if I could play sports or do activities more. 

How do you most like to learn? By Reading it? Watching Videos and notetaking? Workbooks? or Online with live teachers? Online Interactive? or Personal Private tutor?

Well, I don't like Reading my lessons at all. 
The videos are okay, but I don't really want to take notes, even though I am supposed to. 
Workbooks, they are okay, I like seeing the pages as I finish and compare it to how much more I have to do. 
Online with live teachers I like a lot when they let us students that are online talk and chat with each other
Online Interactive is usually really fun, but I sometimes get bored with it if the website stays the same.
Personal Private tutors I don't like much because I can't goof off on my work as easily. But I do like working with the ones I had and I did learn stuff.

What do you want to change about your homeschool experience next year?

More online classes with live teachers and the interactive classes. I'd pick Abeka Videos because I know what's expected of me now that I been doing it for 3 years. Oh, and I want a shorter day more outside activities like surfing and skateboarding.

What are you most proud of about this year of homeschool?

My work is getting easier to do. I get it done faster and mostly by myself. I don't need as much help by you or dad.

Do you feel doing Workboxes still help you?

Yeah, it keeps me on schedule to get stuff done without having to look for my stuff.

Do you want mom to continue to provide weekly written schedules for you?

You have to, if you don't I won't know what you want me to do. 

What do you look forward to next year?

Summer and Spring break camps. 

Mom's Point of View

After reviewing his questions, it gave me further insight into what type of student my son is. However, HE IS ALWAYS CHANGING and maturing.

This helps me to build a plan for the next quarter or semester to help him as a student.

Ways to Get Student Feedback

Report Cards (1) From Student to Parent (2) From Parent to Student

Quarterly Discussion (1) Ask your child what is working for them, what isn't working, revise your plan.

Casual Converations (1) Talk to your kids, not just about homeschooling, but about themselves, what they like.

Play with them (1) yes, play stupid, kid, goofy games with your kids to build learning, confidence and trust.

Bribe them, give them something for their input.


  1. I conduct an end of year interview with my kids each year. It is a wonderful way to let them have some input to their education.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. This was just as interesting. He sounds just like my son! Loves to learn but hates to write :)

  3. This was just as interesting. He sounds just like my son! Loves to learn but hates to write :)