Friday, April 22, 2016

How To Give Your Dual Enrolled Homeschooler A College Experience

What's the Best Part of the 'College Experience'?
Here's a Socialization Hack.

Well the Fun that goes on after class. Meeting new people, joining clubs and organizations, even playing sports.

My oldest daughter, Rose, was my 'experiment' on this. How could I give her a safe, fun, college experience without all the other stuff.

Student is Taking Online Classes
But wants to play sports and join on campus clubs or get involved.

1) You can enroll them in the local Community College (you don't have to actually take a credit course to be a student). This gives them the opportunity to see what clubs are available and join them - even though they aren't taking an on campus class.

2) You can enroll them in MULTIPLE local colleges and transfer credits  between the two for double the fun. (check this before you do).

How do I know? Because I did it.

My daughter was enrolled in 2 Community Colleges and her Four Year University at the same time. She was able to transfer credits between each, allowing us to pay less for summer classes not offered by the University. As well as get a MUCH CHEAPER rate on a Study Abroad program offered through the two Community Colleges while she was enrolled in the local 4 year college.

Not only that, she had friends and joined clubs at all places.

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