Friday, November 6, 2015

Inspiring The Little Peeps

Trying To Inspire Learning Can Be a Challenge

I have tried to inspire learning in my kids. Really push them to try new things. But I got to tell you, somedays I want to throw in the towel...until I see that even though they hymmed and hawed, nashed their teeth, cried and complained, that they do absorb things. Even when they don't want to.

Can't Be A Perfect Parent - But I try To Be the Best I Can

Even though our kids are a work in progress - I feel that I am too. Being a parent has pushed me beyond my personal limits to love another human more than I even thought possible. As angry and frustrated as they may get me sometimes, their love for me overflows my soul. I am learning more about myself by being a parent then any other experience in life. I know without being a mom - I would've been a different person in the end.

This Weekend Fun? 

I planned to go out with my girlfriend, pack up and throw out stuff that isn't going with us to Hawaii, entertain our Real Estate Agent who will tell us if we can 'break even' on the sale of our house in the coming months, and take the kiddos to Be A Coder and Girls Who Code.

The Last Few Weeks were Great - until today. But We Survived.

SPEED RACER (age 11yrs) my Middle Schooler
Homeschooled at 4th grade on.

For the last few weeks he has had good days and some bad days. I decided to cut out 2 of his classes (American Government and Economics). He got about 65% of the lessons done in each subject, but it was just becoming difficult to keep up since mom's workschedule got hectic.

I also don't allow him to do his work if dad or I aren't home. The quality of his work has dropped when we allowed him to do work without us and the computer time work wasn't be finished in totality. So we took a step back to readjust.

It seems while homeschooling, kids, like adults, go through phases where they are on top of things, and times when they don't feel like doing anything.

Nonetheless, his work quality improved in English, Grammar and Spelling , Biology, History. And he is taking Indian History and History of the Avengers which are 1 day classes with Currclick. I signed him up for a 5 Paragraph Writing Class, a 3-week class, with FunCation Academy which he enjoyed, but hated writing the paper. Time4Writing he is doing completely independent of me because he told me he didn't want me help, so I gave him some leeway. I don't think he will finish all the assignments by the time the 9 week course period will end. But I won't extend it.

Speed Racer has been doing well on his quizzes and test with Abeka Algebra 1, and Teaching Textbook lab on the when I get home. Unfortunately he dropped the book and I can't find anyone to re-bind the darn thing. We are still liking  CTCMath for practice for last. I contacted FunCation for a Math tutor, Spanish tutor and English tutor which I may use in the Spring for a few weeks to give Speed Racer some 1 one on one time. And if it works out, I will incorporate them into his Fall semester.

Membean is creeping up in time since now he does 25 minutes of practice a night. He is doing rather well with Python Programming with Code Academy and is grumbling whenever he has to do IXL for Language.

TIGER LILLY (age 14 yrs) the Dual enrolled High Schooler
Homeschooled at 7th grade on.

Transferring to University of Maryland, University College (UMUC) because it is completely online. Since we are moving to Hawaii some time next year, I don't want to worry about transferring credits. We can keep her in UMUC until she finishes her degree. UMUC is VERY homeschool friendly.

She is in a groove for her two favorite classes US History 1 and Psychology at the Community College. Her Software Application's class is her least favorite of the Community college classes because she has to go to the lab for help.

So...she is now taking 2 UMUC classes. They are 8 week courses in Foundations of Oral Comm and Intro Prob Solving Alg Design (which is C Programming but a required course for the major she wants). She is liking the format of these online classes much more than the Community College course.

The Landry courses, she is maintaining A's in C Programming, PC Pro and Japanese.  I was rather frustrated with Landry calling me about owing them tuition when I already paid them and had to provide proof of payment by emailing them a copy of the checks they cashed. However, their teachers are great - even if their Administration team is a bit off kilter.

Tiger Lilly is still doing JavaScript . She didn't turn in her artwork for her Animation Course. She claimed, she was too busy, lol!


Meals I got off to a good start. Then I bombed and ordered Chinese food and stopped by Taco Bell mid week. Then I made up my hiccup by baking a cake.

Cleaning. I hate washing clothes! There I said it. And guess what else, we had to go to the LaundryMat because I didn't want to spend my entire weekend off washing clothes. So we knocked out 14 loads of clothes in 4 hours.

Work & Life Balance. Is cranking up. Lots of extra hours which has caused me to cut back on Speed Racer's work because I am getting home later some days. Thankfully, hubba can work from home or go in late so we are able to get at least some work done.

Lesson Planning. I am doing bad with keeping up on this. I have got to stop waiting til the last minute.

Rest. None this week. Barely 4 hours a night. 

Marriage Check Up. We had an argument over my hubby's hoarding tendencies which will make this packing ordeal painful. So we 'suggested' a date night and went out to eat.

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