Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Deciding To Live Your Bucket List

It's True! We've decided to live for today.

There is a price to pay of course.
Throwing away the typical and living the adventure of Life.
But it seems like every 'aha' moment in the last few years have led up to this.

The List?

1. If we can't retire  early - transfer our jobs or work to where we'd like to go. Try out the place then - move again.

2. Save as much as we can. Plow all extra cash into our 401K, HSAs, Investment Funds so we can retire (one day)

3. Live frugal (this is still a challenge for us - a big one since we love to travel)

4. Let go of the house - it's holding us down (I know popular belief is that it's a good investment, but when you don't plan on staying in one place more than 3 years, it's like led on your leg)

5. Live in Freedom - homeschooling my kids has given our family great freedom. We are never going back.

The Big Plan?

Move to Hawaii for 3 to 5 years.

Then try Japan if my daughter still wants that adventure.

Then...who knows, we've already done our top 2! 


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