Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring Is In The Air


I am so glad Spring is winning the war over Winter. This week we had major snow melt down and rain. I never thought I'd be so happy to see rain.

My husband took my sons snowboarding in PA this weekend. They had a great guy's weekend. While my girls and I went to a movie and slept in.

Speed Racer, 6th grader

The bulk of his curriculum is which is really EASY for him compared to Abeka Academy. This is our last block of the school year and I like to keep things light with a focus on Math, Writing and light introduction to new topics. Also, for me, I only have to spend about 30 minutes a day reviewing his work.

I review his quiz and test scores in Time4Learning, Teaching Textbooks, Saxon daily. What he doesn't get a 'B' or higher on, he retakes over the weekend.

Daily he completes Time4Learning High School Curriculum which includes (Biology, Language Arts , US History and Language Extensions).

Math is done daily - first thing in the morning is Teaching Textbooks (Math 6) then when I get home to help him, he does Saxon (6/5)

Writing (Time4Writing), Vocabulary (Wordsmart), Language Practice (IXL), Reading Speed Reading Comprehension Workbook (Spectrum books), Spelling (Sequential Spelling and Spelling You See)

Technology includes Underground RailRoad (Minecraft Homeschool), Mod Design (Youth Digital).

Every day he had a sport. Dance, Lacrosse and Martial arts for 2 hours a day.

Tiger Lilly, blended 9th grader

Her college courses are now at the Mid-Term point, and I'm helping her build her study cards to prepare for them. She also had several papers, weekly quizzes, and projects due in her college coureses of Sociology, Interpersonal Communication and Art Appreciation

Her Wednesday Web Design with she updated her webpage project. Her Landry teacher and she worked through some challenges with her project in  Python. Class interaction is the main focus in her Psychology class with Currclick on Monday. Using Instantcert cards to study for CLEP exam in US History to 1877.

She worked on her animation project where she drew 29 pages to prep for her Digipen-Animation with 3D Maya class. Also, her project using Blender Animation with Youth Digital she finished troubleshooting and her quiz.

No math got accomplished this week. We tabled till next week her Pre-Calc, CLEP Professor Algebra. She was challenged with finishing up her Python project ontime.

Courses she is working on without me assigning her is: One Year Adventure Novel (she is determined to write her book this year). Chemistry she is working through with Education-Portal, which is independent because I don't require her to do it - she just likes the subjects.

She did martial arts and dance this week. Only 3 hours of exercise compared to our planned 5. I of course didn't have the energy or inclination to do our workouts.


Meals. Monday, I bailed and we got Pizza. I got back on track on Tue-Thu and got dinner served thanks to Crock-Pot meals and Hubba helping out.

Cleaning. The house is still clean - upstairs. I'm washing clothes again (does it ever end?) so the basement has unfolded clothes on the couch. I am also looking for a pooper scooper service to come by my house weekly and clean any dog waste out the backyard. Yeah, the kids do it, but not to the specifications of my liking. I don't have the energy to do it and neither does hubby.

Work & Life Balance. Another difficult week. Let's just say I barely made it through with a smile on my face. Can't wait for my 'Sleep In Saturdays'.

Lesson Planning. This is so easy now since I don't have to type the Abeka daily assignment, test and quizzes on the lesson plans. It only takes me an hour to do now.

Rest. Bad rest week. I guess the 'Spring Forward' an hour sucked out my reserved rest cells. I'm making up work hours from the snow we had and getting up at 4am, but not getting to bed til 11pm. I have creeped in some napping several days this week, but it's not enough.

Marriage Check Up. Hubby is being super patient. We didn't do our date night last week Friday, and he met snoring everynight this week. I asked him for a raincheck. So, he's sweeping me away this coming weekend for 1 night to Virginia Beach without the kids. My oldest is watching them (this is where it's nice to have a 20 year old). Truth is, I don't want to leave my kiddos, but I have to give
Hubba his time.

Hubba doing school with the kiddos, while he works from home.
The chairs and desk fold up for easy cleanup after work is done. This is our 'media center' and the kids do the remainder of their work at their permanent desk with their workboxes in another part of the home.


  1. Looks like you got a lot accomplished this week. The digital animation sounds really neat.

    I hear you on balancing work and home life. It takes a lot of effort and balance to make it work.

  2. I always enjoy hearing how you balance everything. Living off five hours sleep must be really hard, and meeting everyone's needs (including your own), but it sounds like you are doing a grand job. Keep it up Mum!

  3. I always enjoy hearing how you balance everything. Living off five hours sleep must be really hard, and meeting everyone's needs (including your own), but it sounds like you are doing a grand job. Keep it up Mum!

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  5. What do you think of Minecraft Homeschool? Isn't that a website kids can take various classes from (for a fee)? I know my 4th grader would love them but I haven't signed him up...Virginia Beach! Enjoy! So very important to have some "down time" with spouses even if we miss our kiddos!

  6. Just stopping by from Weekly Wrap up. You are so lucky to have a kid old enough to watch the others so you can have some away time.

  7. Oh my goodness, definitely be grateful for snow and rain! ;) My side of the country is in a major drought. I'm glad you all got to enjoy yourselves!! :) We've been using T4L too. It's a nice break from other stuff for a while.