Friday, March 20, 2015

Coasting Through To The End


My husband and I escaped to VA Beach for a night and spent most of our time - sleeping, walking on the boardwalk and watching kytes fly.

The kiddos were busy, my oldest, Razor Ray, worked a double at the hospital, before he headed to the beach for Spring Break. My oldest daughter, Rose, got her CPR certification updated for her summer job at iDTech Camp. Also, she spent the week working on scholarship applications and a mobile app design plan with her sister.

Rose and I have been having a serious challenge finding her a volunteer job to gain her PA required volunteer hours. She is required to have 900 hours. If she wanted, she could get a part-time or full time job in a medical related field, but her school schedule would seriously compete with that. We have a year to figure this all out. But it's been frustrating.

One of our LapTops died, and we have to take it to get serviced. It slowed us down since they had to share a computer with each other or use my desktop. This has made our days longer and it's resulted in some subjects being pushed to next week.

Old man Winter tried to mess up our first day of Spring with a Sprinkling of snow mixed with rain.

Speed Racer, 6th grader

His work with is going well  (Biology, Language Arts , US History and Language Extensions). And I must admit, this week I haven't checked his work daily. However, on Wed I reviewed his test/ quiz grades and noted that he'd have to redo some of his Biology work.

Math, he's bumped up to doing Teaching Textbooks, Saxon daily. The Saxon is helping him retain facts and get the practice he needs, which has made his TT scores high. (I trick him into doing both, by saying TT is his 'Math Lab' and I have him to Saxon in the am, 1st thing, and TT in the PM as the last subject.)

Writing (Time4Writing) will end this week and he has an 'A'.
Vocabulary (Wordsmart), Language Practice (IXL), Reading Speed Reading Comprehension Workbook (Spectrum books), Spelling (Sequential Spelling and Spelling You See)

Technology includes Underground RailRoad (Minecraft Homeschool) which he loves the 'build' parts and I love the quiz sections, Mod Design (Youth Digital).

Sports daily, but Lacrosse is picking up and taking over Dance and Martial Arts days.

Tiger Lilly, blended 9th grader
She only had an actual mid-term exam in Sociology. Her other subjects required a project or a paper in Interpersonal Communication and Art Appreciation

Due to her computer being down, she couldn't finish her homework in Web Design with or Python (with Landry Academy). She couldn't finish her project in Digipen-Animation with 3D Maya or Blender Animation with Youth Digital.

She was still able to attend her Psychology class with Currclick on Monday. And study US History to 1877 using Instantcert cards.

She was able to watch her Pre-Calc dvds with Abeka and do her quizzes/homework. But she didn't do her CLEP Professor Algebra.

She still is working through (2 days a week now): One Year Adventure Novel (she is determined to write her book this year). Chemistry she is working through with Education-Portal.

Although she does PE (Martial Arts, Dance) we'd like to add more.


Meals. Monday, I bailed and we got Pizza. I got back on track on Tue-Thu and got dinner served thanks to Crock-Pot meals and Hubba helping out.

Cleaning. The house is still clean - upstairs. I'm washing clothes again (does it ever end?) so the basement has unfolded clothes on the couch. I am also looking for a pooper scooper service to come by my house weekly and clean any dog waste out the backyard. Yeah, the kids do it, but not to the specifications of my liking. I don't have the energy to do it and neither does hubby.

Work & Life Balance. Another difficult week. Let's just say I barely made it through with a smile on my face. I had several long work days, which meant the kiddos did even less work than they would've if I was home. Can't wait for my 'Sleep In Saturdays'.

Lesson Planning. This is so easy now since I don't have to type the Abeka daily assignment, test and quizzes on the lesson plans. It only takes me an hour to do now. Especially since there is a lot of repetition for next week due to our lack of computer and inability to complete all coursework.

Rest. Bad rest week. I guess the 'Spring Forward' an hour sucked out my reserved rest cells. I'm making up work hours from the snow we had and getting up at 4am, but not getting to bed til 11pm. I have creeped in some napping several days this week, but it's not enough.

Marriage Check Up. We were ships passing in the night this week. Which was fine considering we had a weekend together. We have plans to catch a movie and dinner on Saturday.

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