Friday, January 30, 2015

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

What a Great and Productive Week --- Maybe.

Crazy but Productive! You ever have one of those weeks where your schedule gets thrown from hither to there? Well this was that kind of week for us. Snow visited and that meant yucky driving conditions and augmented work schedules. Luckily, we are homeschoolers so we can just go with the flow.

Field Trip Foiled - again!  Didn't make it due to the weather. The facility was opened but I didn't want to have to drive the extra 20 minutes to get them after work (when the traffic was bad and snow was picking up). So I gave the kids the day to relax.

This Week in Rewind
Only had School 4 Days this Week

Speed Racer, 6th grader

He had the a great week of the month so far - with the exception of some 'corner reflection time'. He has a somewhat lightened load compared to last semester.

In the morning - independently, he worked on IXL (Fractions and Verbs). He also did his Youth Digital [Mod Design], Clever Dragons - he's not liking too much. The educational bent on it isn't as ordered as I'd like. He did Time4Writing [Paragraphs] with me looking over his shoulder.

The afternoons I have to monitor and interact with his learning for Saxon Math, Spelling You See, Abeka Academy [I hand out his test, quizzes and then grade and record them]. We did a few days of copywork for Anatomy, Fraction Practice Review Sheets and he practiced Piano with Simply Music.

Tiger Lilly, blended 9th grader

Tiger Lilly just kicked of this week with 3 online college courses. These teachers are much better than her English 121 teacher was (in my opinion). We are finding that in college, we are glad we prepared her for these courses by exposing her to the information before the courses. The college teachers don't really 'teach' on a personal level.

We are currently in dispute with the English 121 teacher regarding a grade - the Dean of the English Department is reviewing the dispute. This class was horrible. The teacher didn't give feedback on the papers turned in, nor did she allow for rewrites. Truth is I don't think she even read the papers turned in. If the grade stands - she will get a 'C' (she's only 1.2 points from a B) However if the Dean reviews the papers turned in - even the one re-submitted after my daughter practically begging the teacher for feedback - then she will get a B in the class.

Her online college courses (Sociology, Interpersonal Communication and Art Appreciation) had her doing pretty much the following (1) a short discussion paper (2) a quiz (3) reading 1 to 2 chapters (about 25-60 pages a week). I had her take notes that she reads over daily for passive studying.

She also is doing Chemistry and Pre-Calc with Abeka, Psychology with Currclick which was cancelled this week, Money Doesn't Grow on Trees class is ending next week,  Web Design with Currclick (she did term review),  Python class (she's working on her program project and took a quiz), US History to 1877 Review with Instantcert and Education-Portal videos, Blender Animation with Youth Digital (she did 1 day this week). Digipen-Animation with 3D Maya (starts on Saturday so she set up her environment and downloaded her software). Lastly, she is doing CLEP Professor Algebra review so she can take the Math Accuplacer exam and retake the SAT in April.


Meals. This week I was prepared (thank goodness!). I prepped the meat, had prepared side items, and dinner was on the table on Monday-Thursday. Friday is usually Pizza night.

Cleaning. Finished washing clothes but they are in a pile on the couch in the kids classroom.

Work & Life Balance. Another challenging week with the weather going crazy and some hot assignments due at work. Not to mention I've been exploring other opportunities and that takes up lots of time.

Lesson Planning. Haven't even started to do this for next week. Hoping to do 2 weeks of this over the weekend.

Rest. Got 6 to 7 hours sleep this week. Although I've had to do two cups of coffee to get through the day without being cranky. On Wednesday I just bailed on hubby and the kids after I cooked dinner. So he took over school earlier that day.

Marriage Check Up. Date Night consisted of Hubby and I staying in bed and watching one of his favorite shows on hulu until I fell asleep on him, lol!


  1. Nita, you are giving me great hope for when our children are in the later grades. Always something that is in the back of my mind...great on line classes out there! Enjoy the weekend...that date night is not too bad - staying in bed and vegging out can be a good thing 8)

  2. looks like a great week...I am gearing up for high school in the next 2 years so always looking for more blogs that teach to the higher grade levels:) I am also hoping to use community college as a stepping stone when my kids reach high school:)

  3. It sounds like an interesting and productive week. Did you get 6-7 hrs sleep all week or each night? If it's the former, as a recovered insomniac I am shuddering inside. I hope you get the sleep you need this week!

  4. It sounds like an interesting and productive week. Did you get 6-7 hrs sleep all week or each night? If it's the former, as a recovered insomniac I am shuddering inside. I hope you get the sleep you need this week!