Monday, January 5, 2015

Curriculum Change Up - Mid Year


After I reviewed report cards and plans with my two young people, we addressed some of the proposed changes to their scheduled days.

My older daughter Tiger Lilly really loves to learn. It's rather hard for me to keep up with her interest.

COURSES CLOSED OUT from 1st SEMESTER (July - December 19th, 2014)
Tiger Lilly (9th Grader) - These are the courses she finished

Algebra 2 with Teaching Textbooks and Abeka
Java Programming (using Youth Digital,
Economics (Abeka Academy)
American Government (Abeka Academy)
Writing & Composition - daily course, Analyzing Lit
Art - Art DVD course
Sociology Home Study -
Psychology Home Study -
Python Programming (Part 1)- Landry Academy with
Physics with Abeka
US History with Abeka

Speed Racer (6th Grader) - These are the courses finished

Math 6 - Teaching Textbooks
Paragraph Writing - San Diego Scribblers
Earth Science -
Art Appreciation
Art of Argument - Logic (first 3 chapters)

GOALS 2015 (Semester 2)

Tiger Lilly (9th Grader) - She took her College Accuplacer test for English and tested into College English. After studying for the CLEP Composition Exam and reviewing the College entry English couse, she decided she'd rather take the course since she enjoys writing and wants to author books in the future. However, the studying didn't go to waste as it helped her place into College level English through the Accuplacer test at our Community College.

Dual Enrollment Courses:
English 121 (Winter Semester Online College)
Sociology (Spring Semester Online College)
Art Appreciation (Spring Semester Online College)
Interpersonal Communication (Spring Semester Online College)
CLEP Courses and Test (Revised)
Analyzing Literature
US History I
ACCUPLACER (College Placement Test)
Math (in May) in hopes of testing into PreCalc or higher

Finish Core Courses
Pre-Calc with Abeka
Speed Racer (6th Grader) - continue to improve his focus, writing, spelling and logic.

THE PLAN for Jan-May 2015


9th GRADER - Blended Schedule
Time in School - 6.5 hrs a day
School Year - Jan. 5th- May 20th - 2015

Daily Classes:
English Composition - Community College Course (Jan 5th-27th)  (Class Online)
Physics -
Pre-Calc - Abeka DVD & Teaching Textbooks as supplement
Chemistry - Abeka DVD Course
French - Middlebury Interactive

Blocked Courses (Either 1, 2 or 3 times a week) or start mid year

3 Days a Week

Sociology - Community College Course (Jan 29-May 10th)  (Class Online)
Art Appreciation Community College Course (Jan 29-May 10th)  (Class Online)
Interpersonal Communication Community College Course (Jan 29-May 10th)  (Class Online)
Adventure Novel - One Year Adventure Novel

2 Days A week

Python Programming Part 2 - Landry Academy with as supplement
3 D Animation - Youth Digital and DigiPen (Class Online)
Web Design HTML 5 -  (Class Online)
Psychology -  (Class Online)
Java Programming - Homeschool Programming with as supplement
US History I (Clep Test Review using Instantcert or
Math Accuplacer Practice - Accuplacer Practice Exam, Clep Professor, IXL (Geometry)
Money Doesn't Grow on Trees -  (Class Online)

1 Day A week

African American History - Movie-Based Curriculum

Misc. Enrichment planned
ChemistryLabs Hands on Lab Review at Landry Academy Camp (6 days in June)

Martial Arts

Time in School - 5.5 hrs a day
School Year - Jan. 5th- April 20th - 2015

Daily Classes:
Bible - Abeka DVD
Math 6 - Abeka DVD with Saxon Math 6/5, IXL
Reading - Abeka DVD and Speed Reading Instruction
Spelling - Sequential Spelling and Spelling You See
Language Arts - Abeka DVD and IXL
Science - Abeka DVD
Spanish - Abeka DVD with Tiger Lilly
History - Abeka DVD

3 Times A Week - Independent Work
Typing -
Computers - then 3D game design
Music Appreciation -
Piano - Simply Music
Science and Geography Labs -
Anatomy - Lap Book
Vocabulary Builder - (via and
Writing Essay -

1 Day A week

African American History - Movie-Based Curriculum

Break Dancing Competition
Martial Arts

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