Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Importance Of Playtime In School time

Weekly Wrap Up.

Due to some doctors appointments and unexpected events we had to augment school a bit. For Monday and Tuesday I shortened the kids schedules and workload. I didn't play the DVD/Streaming course for some of their less demanding classes and they just did the classwork and homework. It shaved off 2 hours of instruction.

The rest of the week went off without a hitch! My helper came over on Monday and Wednesday and got a lot done with the kiddos. They finished school early on those days, 6pm and the other days were our typical 9:30pm nights ending with hubba assisting in the lessons.

This week Tiger Lilly, started cheering at games. Also, she began a new online course with on Logic. She likes it since she gets to talk to other kids her age. They have 18 students in this online course!

She also got help from her sister Rose on her Python project with Landry Academy. My two lady programmers at work.

Things I realized I'd like to make this journey easier for me.

I decided to hire a cleaning lady (hey! I work so I should be able to treat myself). And I hired a yard service (because as much as my dear hubby claims he can mow the lawn - he hasn't because of his bum knee and my oldest son doesn't like coming home from college to do it). And my daughter Rose, made the commitment to continue on as my home helper/tutor who will help out with the students on days my husband's and my work schedule goes crazy. We just have to pick her up the night before and drop her off in the morning at her college which is on the way to my husbands day gig. I'll pay her the rate I was going to pay the other student.

Also, for meal planning this month, we are doing Let's Dish ( because I don't have much time this month to prep meals or plan them like I did last month.

These are some benefits of being a working parent that I just haven't cashed in on lately. Now with our busy schedules, it can't be helped.

Now if I can just find someone to do the laundry...

The importance of playtime.

Since momma is a highly active, energetic lady. So are my kids. Therefore, I try to incorporate PLAYTIME into our homeschool day. See my Speed Racer in character?

This weekend while finishing up some projects we didn't have time to work on early last week, my son goes upstairs for a quick change.

Racing through the house dressed as his own hodgepodge of a super hero, we chase him around the house or hide for him to capture us.


Yes, we still make time to play with our kids. We have to. It is fun, relaxes US as well as the KIDS and they NEVER FORGET IT.


Hide and Go Seek. Yes, my kids and I still love to play this in our tiny townhouse. Even the big kids - yeah, older teens who would shake me if they found out I told this, would join in and play.

Blanket Tent and Campout. This can be done in the living room, dining room under the table or by placing several chairs strategically together. Food of course is served in lunch bags or is make believe.

Sock Out. We all take our socks, all them up into torpedos, and hide. When the sound "Get Um!" is yelled we have sock wars and whoever lands the most socks wins.

Movie Night (Drive in Movie theatre, or during Blanet Tent Campout). This is our all night movie and munchie marathon. Easy, fun, and kids love to do it.



  1. Hurray for a week without a hitch! Well done on your hires. It's so important to prioritise our time and energy, isn't it? Hurray for playtime, too. I'm wondering if my kids can learn everything through play, this year.

  2. Yard care would be the one I would want but doing it myself is part of why I can stay at home and homeschool. My wife and I are both programmers and she still works as a programmer.

  3. I love the flexibility that comes with homeschooling. It sounds like a busy week for you. I am glad you figured out somethings that make it easier for you.

  4. Thank you for blogging about your weeks. It is very encouraging to me to see that you are still having fun as a family and to see how you manage your lifestyle. I am about to move interstate and the new location's expenses will require me to find work after being full time SAHM for the last 16 years. I still want to homeschool so it is good to hear that it can be done.

    Best wishes
    Jen in Oz