Friday, September 5, 2014

Three steps forward and One back

LIFE wouldn't be as fun IF IT WAS EASY

This week was a doozy! The schedule is in full effect and I had very little down time. Or at least I wouldn't give myself any.

Just a peek at our day would make some faint. But we got a lot accomplish this week with some added classes.

The good: We got all of our work done this week.
The bad: I was unprepared for all of the activities smashed in the middle of school day. Dance Crew (for Speed Racer), Jujitsu (for both) and Cheerleading (for Tiger Lilly) means we are out of the house with Speed Racer 5 days a week. However, Tiger Lilly will still have Friday's free.
The GREAT: We are getting used to our schedule. The college students stopped in this week briefly (one was homesick) and they got their car towed since the campus lot didn't have any obvious signs. But my oldest son paid for it out of his paycheck (which I was touched by him insisting that he pay for his own mistake.)

Here's a peek at TIGER LILLY's SCHEDULE (It changes a bit weekly)

Morning Work (Independent) 10am-2pm

Python Programming (Code Academy and Landry Academy online class)
Youth Digital (Mod Design - Java)
Writing Course ( and
Algebra 2 Math Lab
Humanities Video Review

She did most all of her work by the time I got home. The home helper only had to assist her with some of her math problems. However, she did miss 2 lessons of her Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 she asked to make up over the weekend.

Supervised Work

Algebra 2 (Abeka)
Spanish (Abeka, Mango Languages)
US History (Abeka)
Chemistry (Abeka)
English Composition CLEP Review (InstantCert Flashcards or REA Test)

This went off without a hitch. But  it's become mom as around.

Staggered 2 Times a week
American Gov't
Art (Drawing with Instruction DVD Teacher)

She really doesn't like Physics. Mainly because of the equations. The teacher she enjoys as well as the labs. The ART class is going well. Here's her 2nd lesson.

Movie Curriculum (Watch a weekly Movie)
African American History

ROOTS - we'll be watching an episode a week

Electives She does on her own.
Japanese (Mango Languages)
Piano (HoffmanPiano Online Free Class)

She still remembers a lot of Japanese from the Youtube Video Tutorial lesson plan and workbook she started last school year.

Yes, and after all this the girl want's to add a Saturday class! Digipen 3D Animation to start next week.

Here's a peek at SPEED RACER's SCHEDULE (It changes a bit weekly)

Morning Work (Independent) 10am-2pm (Visual Arts, Reading, Science)
Math 7 Teaching Textbooks

Supervised Work

Bible (Abeka)
Math 6th Grade (Abeka)
Spanish (Mango Languages)
History (Abeka)
Chemistry (Abeka)
Science (Abeka)

Speed Racer had to read the CALM DOWN LIST one day this week because his father made him re-write his spelling words. Ugh. All 15 of them - 3 times. I would've had a fit too. However, after that and a short time out, he got back on task. Since Speed Racer decided he'd rather do it that night than move it to weekend work - it was a late school night.

Staggered 2 Times a week
Paragraph Writing Course (San Diego Scribblers)

I'm adding the Scrafty MineCraft class for him later this school year at his request.

Bedtime for the week? 
Well we had one 11pm night (see the meltdown explanation above?) where school finished later than the 9:30pm anticipated.


This week I really wondered if I was insane by putting Speed Racer in Dance Crew. It requires 3 days of practice AND weekends. He loves it though and there are 4 other boys in his class. So there! He's getting socialized.

Food Planning: Went off target this week. I usually have a quick grab and go snack prepared and dinner in the over. Well - I forgot to put the prepared dinner in the oven on Wed. and we ended up eating KFC chicken for dinner. I really hate that since I want to do more healthy food.

Adjusting to smaller family size: My oldest two kids are officially living on campus. My husband and I still cook portions as though they are coming home. Sigh. Wasted food. So I put them in containers and sent it home with them.

Getting Proper Rest: I haven't been. I only got 5 hours of sleep on Tue and Wed since I had that high of coming off a holiday Monday. I paid BIG TIME for it on Thursday and Friday.
Power Napping: Well I tried it 2 times this week. While the kids were in their sports, I typically have to wait for them so I took a quick nap both times in the car - bad, bad, bad. In order for me to get 6 hours of rest a night I have to go to bed by 10pm. when I took the 'Power Nap' it gave me a false sense of restfulness and I couldn't go to sleep until midnight each night. So in the future I will tough it out til 10pm when I collapse into bed (to read myself to sleep).

Work Home Balance: Well my work-schedule has been hectic because I'm trying to save hours to get home early next week. So I'm working 9 hour days (worked 3 days this way). I think I may start to do that in the early part of the week just in case I want to take a day off. My husband's schedule has been trying also and he's planning to have knee surgery soon so he's taking on a heavier load.

It's all fun and games - and lots more. However, I wouldn't trade it for the world.


  1. You have been busy.... so many times it seems there is too much to do in the time we have. :) Thank you for sharing...

  2. You have had a busy week!!! way more detailed than mine LOL

  3. Wow, you were busy! I am tired just reading it all. Great job! :-) Thanks for linking up with "My Week in Review." I hope you will be able to join us again this week.