Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Our School Curriculum 2014-15

I'm Revealing Our New School Year Plans! Woot~!


First of all, my kids are awesome! They've improved so much this past school year (their first as homeschoolers) that I have no words for what a great adventure this has been.

After testing them, evaluating where they are academically, both of my kids are moving up 2 grades in their curriculum.

I know it seems like a stretch. Most parents wouldn't do it, but my kids are on board for the challenge and so am it.

Speed Racer will go from grade 4 in Abeka Academy Homeschool program to grade 6. The only area we really have to focus on is Writing and Spelling. This area he made improvments in overall, but I don't feel is at 6th grade level. I have a remedy for that.

Tiger Lilly will move from grade 7th to grade 9th (combined). Since she finished 4 credits of her requirements for high school in 7th grade, mid year our Umbrella coordinator suggested reporting her as an 8th grader so she could keep the credits in the high school pool.


- Five Days A Week (afternoon and evening instruction) excess work to do on weekends
- 2 Online courses
- Longer School year with more monthly breaks
- Block Schedule on non-core subjects


- Mom (afternoon courses)
- Dad (morning courses)
- Tutor (enrichment and childcare)


Tiger Lilly (9th Grader) - to coach her to CLEP her general requirements for Associates Degree at our local Community College. She will be starting Community College courses  the first semester of her 10th grade year and will only be homeschooled on subjects planned for the coming semester as a prep for each subject.

Speed Racer (6th Grader) - continue to improve his focus, writing, spelling and logic.



9th GRADER - Blended Schedule
Time in School - 6.5 hrs a day
School Year - July 28th - May 20th

Daily Classes:
Algebra 2 - Abeka DVD & Teaching Textbooks as supplement
Writing & Composition - WriteGuide.com daily course, Education-Portal.com Analyzing Lit
Chemistry - Abeka DVD
US History - Abeka DVD
Spanish - Abeka DVD and weekly tutor
Speed Reading - ACE Software

Blocked Courses (Either 1, 2 or 3 times a week) or start mid year
Python Programming - Landry Academy with CodeAcademy.com as supplement
Java Programming - Homeschool Programming with Ktbyte.com as supplement
Art - Art DVD course
Physics - Abeka DVD Course and Education-Portal.com
Psychology - Education-Portal.com
Sociology - Education-Portal.com
Economics - Abeka DVD

Misc. Enrichment planned
Chemistry Hands on Lab Review at Landry Academy Camp (6 days in June)
Computer Repair Intensive at Landry Academy (2 days in Sept)
Java Programming IDTech camps (6 days in July)

Martial Arts



Time in School - 5.5 hrs a day

Daily Classes:
Bible - Abeka DVD
Math 6 - Abeka DVD with Teaching Textbooks Math 7 supplement
Reading - Abeka DVD
Spelling - Sequential Spelling and Abeka DVD
Writing - Sandiego Scribblers online Paragraph Writing Course
Science - Abeka DVD with Uzinggo supplement
Spanish - Abeka DVD with Tiger Lilly
History - Abeka DVD

Blocked Courses (Either 1, 2 or 3 times a week) or start mid year
Computers - Tynker.com then YouthDigital.com 3D game design
Art Appreciation
Music Appreciation
Art of Argument - Logic

Break Dancing Competition
Martial Arts


I'm adding weekend and monthly day trips that are for learning and fun

National Zoo
Shakespeare Play
Orchestra Visit
Smithsonian Natural History
Smithsonian Air & Space Museum
Girls Stem Day at Naval Academy
Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Tour
Monument Tour
Food tour (Ethiopian, Indian, Chinese, Tai)
Mount Vernon
Hirshohorn Museum Sculpture Garden
Coracan Art Museum
B&O Railroad
Star Spangled Banner Flag House
National Musuem of American Indian


I did take a moment to walk through the schedule template with each one of my kids. They are on board with it.

Each month we will have 5 days off from school to do what the kids want to do. Therefore our overall school year will run longer than this past year.


  1. I love how you have this all planned out!!

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  3. I love your plan, looks like a great year ahead. I also like how you included field trips on your list. We are in the same geographical region so I may take a few of your ideas for our field trips too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for posting your plans for the year! I have a 9th grader too and it's always interesting and helpful to see what others are doing. I haven't quite solidified our high school plans--that's my task for this coming week! Community college will definitely be part of our high school journey as well. Sounds like your kids are ready for a great year--have fun!

  5. That looks like an awesome plan! Your kids are very lucky to have such a caring family!