Saturday, February 1, 2014


See that little snow man? They guy from FROZEN? Well that's what we were this week!

I've realized something about myself. I HATE SNOW!!!  But my little guy, SPEED RACER loves it!


Well I had the kids schedules all made up, their workboxes in order and their curriculum changes for the new year in FULL Effect.

UNTIL...the snow


I don't know if I've told you this, but I work during the day. My Hubba takes a mid-shift and I also write novels on the side. Yeah, I know ...madness.

Well my day gig (which I LOVE my new job btw) hindered my homeschool due to the many snow days I've had to take. I just started this job and have very little if any vacation time built up. So essentially I have to make up my hours within a 2 week period.

What suffered because of the DRATTED snow? My HOMESCHOOLing duties.


We can adjust and adapt. So here's what we did this week.

4th Grader, SPEED RACER's classes:

Bible (Abeka DVD) Skipped Mon,Wed,Fri - Used Bible Based Movie on Friday as a makeup
Math (Abeka DVD) Did All Days, working on Multiplying Fractions and more Long Division
Reading (Abeka DVD) Skipped Mon,Wed,Fri - didn't make this up in any way
Penmanship (Abeka DVD) Skipped all week - didn't make this up in any way
Spelling  (Abeka DVD)- Tue-used DVD to give Spelling Test - Wed-Fri: Didn't watch the DVD but wrote out the spelling words
History (Abeka DVD)  Skipped Mon,Wed,Fri - Had him write answers to questions in back of chapter on days missed.
Science (Abeka DVD) Did All Days

Additional Enrichment Labs Or Classes SPEED RACER DOES in addition to core 

Spanish Instruction- Used Standard Deviants Spanish DVDs (got from Amazon) They are great with a workbook
Spanish Games - Dulingo app (does daily on mom's iphone) Spanish School Bus app (does daily on mom's iphone)

Science Lab - - He did this daily since he loves it

Math 6 Lab - Teaching Textbooks - He did this daily

Math Drills - - He did this daily

7th Grader TIGER LILLY did a LOT of independent work this week.

Algebra 1 - She did this daily using Abeka DVD and Teaching Textbooks

Geometry - She did this daily using Teach Textbooks and Thinkwell

Science - Skipped on Mon, Tues, Thu using to Abeka DVD on Wed/Fri

English Literature - Did daily using and Flashcards to prep for CLEP

American Literature - Did daily using and Flashcards

Analyzing Literature - Did daily using and Flashcards

English Composition -  Did Abeka DVD and

Humanities - Did daily using and

Speed Reading - Skipped this week

Logic - Skipped this week

Bible - Did on Mon, but skipped the rest of the week


Cheering - Tiger Lilly did 3 days this week O_o
Tumbling - Tiger Lilly and Speed Racer do this together one Day a week through a private gym
Basketball - Speed Racer does this 2 times a week, Hubba is the Assistant Coach
Break Dancing - Speed Racer does this 1 time a week and is training for the Competition Team
Hip Hop Dance - Tiger Lilly and Speed Racer both do this 1 day a week

I am....


  1. Wow, you guys keep a busy schedule. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Nita, it looks like you got more accomplished than you think. I bet that snow was a HUGE distraction! When we got snow it through our whole week upside down. You guys are busy. I love the activities they are doing! That looks like fun. I wish I was still young so I could take hip hop classes. Oh the good 'ol days... Nice to see your link-up at Moments and Musings :)

  3. Making all those plans will help you a lot to know what you need to 'catch up' on. But, it really does seem you got a lot done. Your kids sound like they have a lot of fun in the dance classes!

  4. I just feel so guilty when we don't meet our scheduled goals. The kids really stepped up and did a lot on their own this week. Thank goodness for self-teaching programs.

  5. I'm convinced that snow happens just to teach me not to cling too tightly to my precious plans! I feel your pain, though! Your kids managed to get more learning/work done than mine through this weather.