Friday, October 14, 2022

Empowerment Retreat Hawaii July 16-18, 2023


This intimate retreat features workshops ranging from financial to spiritual health as experts provide participants with the practical tools for whole-body self care and progress. Workshops, speeches, and activities are aimed to empower guests mentally, financially, and physically to make self-directed changes to improve their life. From inside to outside, this retreat will present new perspectives and ideas to expand guests' mind and prepare them for their next steps towards success. The retreat's size is catered to provide guests with exclusive access to guest speakers and unique experiences to help rejuvenate spirits.

Hawaii will be your place of growth and the sea breeze will help you in the journey of discovery. You will see Hawaii's spirit of togetherness and ohana while venturing forth with your group at the Kroc Center in Kapolei. Guests will be able to join the group on a variety of add-on excursions (not included with general admission) for a chance to explore the island after a day full of self-improvement activities.

Not only will you be learning to build yourself up, but there will be talks on how to empower your community. Guests will be building up the community around them just from attending. A majority profits from the conference will be donated to Ho'ola Nau Pua, a local nonprofit which fights for the prevention of sex trafficking in Hawaii and provides care for children who have been exploited.

Sponsored by Phenomenal One Press

Opening Workshop based on best selling book

Conference Video

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