Friday, January 24, 2020

Doing School At Night and Weekends

You Can Do School Whenever You Want

Yes, as a homeschooling parent, you can change it up and do school at odd hours, working it around when you and your kids are both home and able to sit down and do work together

Schedule Alternate Times For Schooling

As we worked outside the home, we had to make alternate schooling time work for our kids. Doing so meant we had to realistically spend sitting down and giving one child attention.

Changing up the subject to work with our kid on what they needed help on most was ideal.

Mix in times when the child should be doing independent work. Help them to build the ability to do independent work.

Let The Kids Sleep In

The best part of having the kids work on their schooling in the evening is they get to sleep until they wake up. If you work from home, letting the kids stay up late and sleep in gives you time to work in the morning while they are sleep. 

Weekend Only School

You could make school year around, but only do one-on-one school during the weekend and project based, movie based, independent study and exploration based during the weekdays.

Try It For A Change

Even if you had a day schedule, try out an alternative schedule to change things up and to give yourself and the kids a shake up. You may find that it works better for you.

We did night and weekend school for the entire time we homeschooled since both my husband and I worked, now my kids are still maintaining the schedule even though they are working and college. One child who was an early riser, still does so, she just does things she enjoys before getting to work.

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