Friday, March 8, 2019

A Week's Progress - We Just Keep Going

My son asked

He is getting ready for a break. Literally, he starts to complain about doing school work every 8 to 10 weeks. It's been on schedule since he started college classes that run 8 weeks long. I still have him do homeschool focused classes on a 12 week schedule but he starts to get real irritable around 8 weeks.

He has ups and downs these few weeks.
He's at Microsoft Store Coding Event looking Unhappy.

His smile returned after I snapped the photo though. Mainly, he felt it was boring but liked being there with his friend. Lucky for him, next week is the last week of college classes. Heck, I may even take a break from the homeschooling ones since we are going on vacation.


SPEED RACER has a mildly packed schedule

These few weeks he has had some days where he finished his work on time and before I got home. The motivator is that his friend lives walking distance from the house. Also, paddling season started. There were some weeks where the quality of work was subpar so I just worked with him through it.

I realized that I want his writing to be faster and plan to put him in some writing camps over the summer.

Homeschool Classes 
Bible Study (online) with discussion with mom or dad - He is almost finished the series! Thank goodness. I'd planned for this to be done in just four weeks and it has taken us about 12 weeks.

Pilot Training (online) mom reviews his test and quiz success and helps

Java Programming (online) this is going so slow. Partially, because CompuScholar doesn't auto check the work or have an emulator for the code so I have to review his work against the provided solutions. It's been a bit frustrating but we are getting through it.

College Classes online - All Finished.

C Programming
In week 8 of 8
-Weekly programming projects
-Weekly discussion post and replies
-A final paper and project

Information Technology Ethics
In week 8 of 8
-A group project
-Weekly discussion post and replies
-A detailed report, Ethical Policy Proposal

Foundations in Information Systems
In week 8 of 8
-Weekly group post and discussion
-Strategic Plan, Decision Paper and CIO Memo with Organization documentation

This is his last week of those classes and we are both tired. I spend tons of times reviewing his work before he turned it in. He had to use a tutor for programming class just to help him through the difficult labs, but he survived.

College Classes online - Not Finished. Plan to finish in 2 more weeks

Straighterline Courses that transfer to his online college
It's taken him about 4 weeks to complete these classes. He has is proctored online final in two next week.

English - still has to finish 4 papers (he's been working on this class for awhile, took a break, and starting again)
Western Civilization 2 - has to finish mid-term, two test and proctored final
Introduction to Business Management - has to finish mid-term, three test and proctored final


He has moments of high focus and motivation, then he wants breaks so we do an ebb and flow schedule. When he is in a highly motivated mood, I can add more courses, then he relaxes and takes a break of a few months, then he is motivated again.

WORK and HOME BALANCE Working and Homeschooling 

MEAL PREP: We've been doing a decent job of this, but have fallen off the wagon a few times. It hurts our schedule when that happens. We also eat badly and spend way too much money on fast food.

HOUSE CLEANING: The house has been wrecked the last few weeks. I haven't had the energy to keep them on schedule since I've been working extra hours. I also let them slid on a few chores so they could play with their friends.

LESSON PLANNING: It's been better, although, I have started putting lessons on a dry erase board now. 

MARRIAGE CHECKUP: We have had a few date nights to comedy shows and it's been wonderful. There's nothing like laughing together.

SELF CARE: I went for a facial! My daughter and I did facials and it was wonderful. They were offering free ones at the mall. After that week, I did my own at home.

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