Friday, November 16, 2018

Student Maturity Happens in Waves

Tiger Lilly aka the new Willa Wonka

Doing School On the Road tested My patience and Their Maturity
Kids sometimes get the work done without nagging, overseeing and punishments. This last few weeks were like that, until the most recent week, I had to withhold fun activities before going on trip to get Speed Racer to finish his work on time.

The family went on a cruise, and stayed in Long Beach, CA for a time. The benefits of my job, was a discounted hotel room! Woot! But I also had to do some extra working hours to go without using all my vacation time, which I am saving up for a big family trip to Sydney, Australia and New Zealand next year.

It's been a struggle to post since I am trying to make my writing (publishing) side business. I will be revamping this blog once I publish my book in 2019, so stay tuned.

This week I get to work from home while completing some training. I find that being at home has sapped me of strength and a large amount of my motivation to do 'extra'. I guess since I am going doing this temporarily I don't have enough time to build a routine. However, I actually find I get LESS accomplished with housework and my son's school work with being home. Haven't figured out why yet.


SPEED RACER's been bored. 

We have found a way to get rid of his boredom (for the most part) by having a multi-family game night and monthly mult-family cook out and get together with friends of ours with kids the same age. It's been a good thing for all the families.

Denying Being Homeschooled?

Lately, though, my son has been telling his non-homeschool friends (which he has much more of than homeschooling friends) that he goes to regular school and that he is in the 10th grade. He doesn't want them to know he is taking college classes since he just wants to be like 'one of the guys."

I plan to do a deeper post on this.

Homeschool Classes:
Investing: Finished this online Youtube course. 
Still haven't started playing the games. It's on the list for this weekend.
Recreational Pilot License Training: He wants to get this next summer so we are adding it into his curriculum. 

-He finished three videos with one quiz. He actually did pretty good.

Black History: This week we studied the MOORs and BLACK ACHIEVEMENTS

-  We sit in my room and in my bed eating popcorn watching these documentaries.

Astronomy: Something he wants to explore.

- Didn't get to these. Well, we are going on 2 months and haven't even picked up the lesson videos.

Bible Review: We are doing this together with videos. The Truth Unveiled Video playlist has been good for him. He asked several deep questions and we did some deep diving on topics.

- He and I finished 2 of these (he hates to admit it, but he likes these) and we are almost done with the series.

Cooking and Car Repair: The cooking I am letting him build his own recipes and prep dinner. Car Repair, he is helping his father and brother fix our cars. Oil Changes, Brake Pad changes, etc.

- He made smoothies and tacos this week, the rest of the meals I made.
- Car Repair - His dad is showing him how to change the oil in our van. Son is helping.

PE: Distance Canoe Team, Martial Arts and Breakdancing.

- Martial Arts - getting ready for belt test
- Breakdancing - only one day practice - Friday.

JavaScript and Unity 3D Programming: A Saturday small class with a teacher that meets from 8am til 1:30pm. All other kids are public school kids.
- The Hackathon was a good experience for him, he is also working on an online Java course.

Compuscholar (formerly homeschool programming) - Java
This is working well with our schedule and for reinforcement to his weekend class. He does this independently and this is an upgrade from the former HomeSchool Programming series curriculum.

College ClassesFinished: Biol 101 and Biol 102 (lab)
Finished: Info Sys in Org
Finished: Research WritingAdvanced Business Writing 
In week 4 of 8
-Finished three papers
-Finished 8 discussions and responses
-Finished 3 quizzes
-Finished project

College Algebra 
In week 4 of 8
-Finished 3 quizzes
-Completed 4 Discussion Homework

TIGER LILLY the Homeschool Graduate with a BS Degree, now Working on MS Degree

Is doing a great job of juggling her new full time position, her graduate degree course and her workout schedule.

In addition in her free time she has taken on some art commissions and is creating a bot for her gameplay website.

Also, participating in Nanowrimo and trying to finish her first novella and chapter of her Web Comic.

Dungeons and Dragons is something she loves to play and meets a group with her father to play one day a week.

WORK and HOME BALANCE Working and Homeschooling 

MEAL PREP: We are trying to revamp the meals we are doing since Tiger Lilly and I are signing up for Weight Watchers.

HOUSE CLEANING: I had to put the chore chart back up. They started arguing about who's day it was to do what. 

LESSON PLANNING: I didn't do the lesson plan for two weeks and it was a disaster. This week I was back on track and so is Speed Racer. 

MARRIAGE CHECKUP: We went on a marriage outing with our church and with another couple and had a great time.

SELF CARE: Took several naps and got a massage.

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