Friday, September 14, 2018

Nothing Ever Goes as Planned

Momentum Slows Down ~ But We have All Year
To Get it Done

The last two weeks, we did the bare minimum. Not a bad deal since we are just beginning the school year.

We did have a small vacation and I didn't want to monitor homeschool work during it, so, we relaxed and just enjoyed.

Dungeons and Dragons is now the popular game in the house. Only issue is my Tiger Lilly had grown tired of being the Dungeon Master and requested that I learn to do it. O_o doesn't she know I am a working parent?! The other homeschool parents bailed on the 'learn to be a DM' so, for her, I'll do it.

My son's Paddling season is coming to an end. This was a canoe expedition they went on where they did open water switches of paddlers.

Speed Racer on Paddling Team Distance Run

Then, while at the store, waiting for my daughter to get out of the dressing room, a nice lady gave this to me. Boy, oh boy did it make my day! A wink from God is sometimes needed.

The note was beautiful and reminded me that Jesus loves me. Wow! Made me check that frown I had for sure.


SPEED RACER's starts of in good shape.
This is a 2 week review because, hey, we got off track. The first week, he only finished his College Biology Class and Biology Labs (that is an online class by the way). He likes science way more than I anticipated.

Homeschool Classes:
Investing: We've only watched 2 Youtube videos in the series and haven't started the Cashflow game yet.

-Our stock watching has become depressing since our stock dropped. We view it with an app called Robinhood. 

Recreational Pilot License Training: He wants to get this next summer so we are adding it into his curriculum.

-He didn't do the videos or quizzes this week.

Black History: We are deep diving into specific events like Black Wall Street and Pilots that have to do with our subjects.

-  We didn't do the videos I purchased this week.

Astronomy: Something he wants to explore.

- Didn't get to these.

Bible Review: We are doing this together with videos.

Watched two videos from the Bible video series we found on Youtube.

Cooking and Car Repair: The cooking I am letting him build his own recipes and prep dinner. Car Repair, he is helping his father and brother fix our cars. Oil Changes, Brake Pad changes, etc.

- He only cooked one day each week.
- Car Repair - he reviewed video on changing the oil.

PE: Distance Canoe Team, Martial Arts and Breakdancing.

- Practiced with Distance Canoe Team - See the distance race above, that's the end of season run.
- Martial Arts - practiced two times each week.
- Breakdancing - had a performance (stay tuned, I'll post when I get it)

JavaScript and Unity 3D Programming: A Saturday small class with a teacher that meets from 8am til 1:30pm. All other kids are public school kids.

- Didn't go since he had Paddling.

College Classes
4 Weeks into Biol 101 and Biol 102 (lab)

1 week Info Sys in Org - Started 1 class this week

Biology with Lab (Aug to Oct)
-Finished class discussions
-Finished Week 3 of 8 class Labs
-Finished Week 3 of 8 quiz

Information Systems in Organizations (Sept to Nov)
-Finished intro discussion
-Finished Assigned Reading
-Reviewed interactive Learning Activity
-Completed Quiz1

Introduction to In-depth Research (Sept to Oct)
Advanced Business Writing (Oct to Dec)
College Algebra (Oct to Dec)

TIGER LILLY the Homeschool Graduate with a BS Degree, now Working on MS Degree

Her new job is flying her to SanDiego, CA for two-day training.

Problem is, she is only 17 yrs old and can't rent a car. So...hubs is going with her since I can't take off work (I also get lost a lot).

She starts her GRAD-SCHOOL class in two weeks. 

Also, she spent the last two weeks playing video games. She just finished Spiderman and Gods of War.

WORK and HOME BALANCE Working and Homeschooling 

MEAL PREP: We bombed on this the last two weeks. Fast food and junk. Only 2 meals were made by Speed Racer and one by Tiger Lilly.

HOUSE CLEANING: I got those kiddos cleaning in exchange for video game play. Only my room isn't clean (oops). 

LESSON PLANNING: I am so behind on this, it's not funny. I started mid week and we just tried winging it, hence why we weren't as productive. 

MARRIAGE CHECKUP: We needed that vacation. Just saying, we left the kids and went on long walks and had some fun.

SELF CARE: I used my husband's foot massager and back massager, both gifts my kids bought HIM and not ME .

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  1. Glad you got to have a little vacation-we need that. Can't wait to see the breakdancing video!