Friday, August 24, 2018

Knowing when to Chill Out

Something Accomplished, Just Not What We Planned
A hectic week of storm prep ~ and not storm

Where we live had a major storm and hurricane watch. Many of our activities were canceled, and hubs and I were home from work. We basically, decided to do the work that had to get done and play games and do family bonding activities.

I did a paint nite with my 17 yr old.

Storm prep, but the storm didn't come


SPEED RACER's starts of in good shape.

We focused on finishing his college-related work first, then fit in the other things over the weekend.

Here's what we accomplished and plan for the weekend.

Homeschool Classes:
Investing: Curriculum is the Cashflow Game and Youtube Playlist Tutorial on Investing in the Stock Market.

-We've been watching and chatting about our stock moves through an app called Robinhood. And watched two videos in the tutorial playlist.

Recreational Pilot License Training: He wants to get this next summer so we are adding it into his curriculum.

-He finished the second 1/2 of the 1st video lesson.

Black History: We are deep diving into specific events like Black Wall Street and Pilots that have to do with our subjects.

- Went to movies to see BlackKKK about an African American police detective that infiltrated the KKK. We discussed what we liked about the movie and researched the original story.

Astronomy: Something he wants to explore.

- Didn't get to these.

Bible Review: We are doing this together with videos.

Watched one video from the Bible video series we found on Youtube.

Cooking and Car Repair: The cooking I am letting him build his own recipes and prep dinner. Car Repair, he is helping his father and brother fix our cars. Oil Changes, Brake Pad changes, etc.

- Cooking was done two days this week. Steak (which he cooked too long) and did a good job on cleaning up after himself.
- Car Repair - nothing was done this week.

PE: Distance Canoe Team, Martial Arts and Breakdancing.

- Practiced with Distance Canoe Team - 1 time it was canceled due to weather
- Martial Arts - practiced once and it was canceled due to weather
- Breakdancing - canceled due to weather

JavaScript and Unity 3D Programming: A Saturday small class with a teacher that meets from 8am til 1:30pm. All other kids are public school kids.

College Classes
Started 1 class this week

Biology with Lab (Aug to Oct)
-Finished class discussions
-Finished Week 1 of 8 class Labs
-Finished Week 1 of 8 paper
-Finished Week 1 of 8 quiz

Introduction to In-depth Research (Sept to Oct)
Information Systems in Organizations (Sept to Nov)
Advanced Business Writing (Oct to Dec)
College Algebra (Oct to Dec)

TIGER LILLY the Homeschool Graduate with a BS Degree, now Working on MS Degree

We are homeschooling GRAD-SCHOOL 'sort of'. 

I reveiwed her final assignment of her current class. She starts the next class in 4 weeks. After she starts her new job, which allows her to get reimbursed for it. 

Tiger Lilly got a full-time job offer as a Software Developer. She starts in three weeks. She is happy that the company will be paying for her Master's Degree which she had planned on paying off herself.

WORK and HOME BALANCE Working and Homeschooling 

MEAL PREP: I cooked dinner two days this week, my 14 year old cooked 1 day and I am trying to get my 17 yr old to cook over the weekend. Delegation is the key.

HOUSE CLEANING: This week we were storm prepping, getting sand bags, taping windows, bringing stuff inside. The house is wrecked and I have tons of clothes to wash over the weekend. I may have to just go to the laundromat to get caught up. 

LESSON PLANNING: I finished the coming week's schedule and emailed it to my son, who asked me to take something off. Go figure, these kids are owning their own work and I feel like I am truly working for them. 

MARRIAGE CHECKUP: Well the forced days off from work, hubby and I have been relaxing, watching movies and playing card games with the kids.

SELF CARE: I got my first subscription box that I paid only $20 and I LOVE IT. I got perfume samples and jewelry.


  1. Way to have them learn to cook and help out - life skills at it's best! :)

  2. Everyone in the family is cooking one day a week this year. I am loving the free time I have now and the kids are getting to cook something they really want each week. It is fun. Thankfully the storm missed you all.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. I am trying to get my kids to cook at least one meal a week. Neither of mine like to be int he kitchen:(. Not sure what I did wrong there but I am working on it lol. Hope you all survived the storms unscathed:)

  4. They are learning to become great cooks. Now if I can get them to do a better job cleaning up.