Monday, March 19, 2018

Staying Motivated And Building Friendships


Well we are nearing our homeschool stretch, at the beginning of Spring. The kids are a bit ready for it all to end and summer to begin.

So I decided to put in place some incentives to get us all through this time.


I found some local spring break camps that the kids are interested in. They will still be doing their college course work, just at a slower pace, so thay can participate in the week long camp.

It's the break they need and allows them to meet new kids their age and just have fun.



I have Speed Racer in Breakdance, Martial Arts and now Paddling for the season which starts in the Spring and ends at the end of Summer. He is super excited to meet the neighborhood kids in this group/

Tiger Lilly is working with a personal training group, Martial Arts and I am trying to find a Paddling group for her, she doesn't want anything competitive.


We are having several 'cook outs', 'paint parties', 'movie parties' with friends and family this month that really made the kids happy with the interaction with friends and their kids.

The kids are also participating in the Homeschool Prom!

She is irritated that I am taking pictures of her working

The activity that keeps my highly active boy relaxed most times.


SPEED RACER's Progress this past month.

He is on a roll and has matured so much. We did give him an incentive for passing his Straighterline, and classes with B or better. He got a video game of choice. it worked. He is on track.

Now his is comfortable completing his Straighterline class independently during the day. I do review his chapter assignments, notes, and give him a quick review before he attempts his test.  With he does completely on his own, however, he request that I review the flashcards and his practice exam with him (I think he likes just talking through things).

His online college classes with UMUC he just works with the tutor to answer his Math problems and to tell him what he missed on his papers. He usually revises the papers, I read them, then send them to the tutor who tells him what he needs to fix before turning the papers in.

Straighterline Classes: Does in Evening with Mom available if he needs help
College Credit Earned: English 101, IT Fundamentals, US History 2, Environmental Science, Religion, Western Civilization = 18 college credits earned
College Credits Working On: Intro to Business, College Success, Cultural Anthropology, English 102
College Credits Planned: Business Ethics, Psychology, Business Management Classes:
Paused taking them. Myself and Speed Racer realized he can finish the Straighterline courses faster so he wants to concentrate on those.

Dual Enrollment ~ (Online University - 8 week classes)He is enrolled and taking classes as a non-degree seeking homeschooled student.

College Credits Earned: Speech, College Math = 6 college credits earned

College Credits Working On: Concepts and Aplications in Info Sys, Pre-Calculus

TIGER LILLY's Progress this past month.

Tiger Lilly  is officially finished her required college course work at and will be getting her degree this May.

She is traveling this week to go to MD for her final interview with one of her Internships and to tour the facility. Since she is only 16 yrs old, her dad opted to fly with her (she better take this internship since it cost us airplane ticket for her dad O_o oh my.)

Her online business she does with her sister just got two new contracts. She does the artwork for the logo and helps with some of the programming. They are excited about it.

We are now looking at graduate schools, and scholarships. So stay tuned.

WORK and HOME BALANCEWorking and Homeschooling 

MEAL PREP: I've successfully created 'boring' dinners my family said most every week. A protein and a veggie. If momma has to diet, so does everyone else.

HOUSE CLEANING: We had guest over quite a bit, so that motivated the family to really work at cleaning the house. It's better since the dishwasher is now working. We even finally got rid of some of the clutter and boxes we had yet to unpack from our previous move - 3 yrs ago. 

LESSON PLANNING: It's a breeze. We work together to build their schedules now and they do them for me, since they want the control. I add in what I want them to finish. 

MARRIAGE CHECKUP: We've gone to see the Black Panther at a great premiere night together. Had a blast, and went out to bowling.

SELF CARE: I've failed miserably on this. Like, haven't done a dog on thing to pamper myself. However, I've been pampering my girls. I got to stop doing that. Soon. 

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