Thursday, December 1, 2016

ReVamping Our Schedule For New Block Semester

A New Semester A New Attitude

With our new semester and our new work obligations, we are having to change up our schedule and courses for the kids this 'block' semester.

This is the plan overall for both kids that we hope will last til March (the end of our new block).

THE KEY = 'Accountability' - Mom checks progress everyday. If work is done - Video Games, Movies, Cellphones are given. If not: Work added to weekend and NO FUN ON WEEKEND til work finished.

SPEED RACER (13 yrs)

His Classes This Block will focus on Algebra and Geometry building. Learning to take notes, study technique building and preparing to take his first CLEP in Psychology.

We check his Online Class progress electronically daily. If he doesn't finish his independent work, he can't check out his video game controllers or cellphone.

He does sneak in some naps during the day and has a 11:30pm imposed bedtime.

English Focused Classes
(He does these independently)

Writing ER (Landry Online Class) - Daily
Daily Grammar (2 pages in Grammar workbook) - Daily
IXL (Grammar Drills) - Daily

Algebra Focused Classes
(With Help)
Saxon Algebra 1 (DIVE cds) Does even questions - Daily
Algebra Drill Problems (4-8 pages in workbook) - 2 days do problems/ 2 days review with mom

(He does these independently)

Algebra 1 Online (CTCMath) - Daily
Algebra concept review ( - Daily

Geometry Focused Classes
(He does these independently)
Geometry Online (CTCMath) - Daily

Basic Math Review Focused Classes
(He does these independently)

8th Grade Basic Math (IXL) - Daily

Social Sciences Focused Classes
(He does these independently)
Sociology ( - Daily
Psychology ( - Daily
Logic (Landry) - 2 days a week

(With Help)
Sociology REA Book Read Outload & Take Notes - Daily
Psychology AP Book Read Outload & Take Notes - Daily

Humanities ( - Daily
Earth Science - focus on Weather ( - Daily 

(With Help)
Spelling You See (Mom test on Friday's) - Daily
Humanities  Book Read Outload & Take Notes - Daily

 TIGER LILLY (15yrs) with MOMMA
This block semester she will have 3 online college classes and quite a few homeschool classes.

College Classes Online
Intro to Interactive Design
Ethics in Information Tech
Information Systems in Orgs

Online Homeschool Classes
Wed Development 8am Tues (Landry)
Network Essentials 10am Mon (Landry)

Mom Managed Classes
Business Entrepreneurship (Book)
Youth Digital Unity 3D C# (Interactive)

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