Friday, May 13, 2016

Planning Our Summer School 2016 Curriculum

It Never Ends Right?

Summer School Planning for 2016

Yep, we are doing school this summer. The kids had two weeks off and here is our plans for the Summer of 2016.

SPEED RACER (age 12yrs) my Middle Schooler
Moving from 7th grade to 8th this coming Fall.

Summer is the time for Socialization in a major way!

Therefore, we have planned a summer long enrollment in Day Camp at the YMCA, Martial Arts, Surfing Lessons and Breakdancing. Speed Racer will be hiking, swimming, surfing, crafting, exercising and meeting tons of other kids.

We will be working Math, Writing, and Reading daily using the following:

Spelling - Spelling You See and Sequential Spelling
Math - XtraMath, Math workbooks (Spectrum)

Writing - Writing and Reading Workbooks (Spectrum)

Other Curriculum I am sneaking in with a Movie Based Curriculum:

Shakespeare - Movie based - Shakespeare: The Animated Tales 
Science - Using Teach With Movies -
Literature - Using Teach With Movies -

TIGER LILLY (age 15 yrs) the Dual enrolled High Schooler
Moving from 9th grade to 10th.

More Socialization for my Introvert. I am literally having to push her out the door!

I signed her up for a Leadership summer Day Camp and a Hip Hop dance class since it doesn't require prior training. I will sign her up for martial arts in the Fall.

She is taking summer school at her online college from the end of May til the 2nd week of June. Then she is free of 'formal' learning.

From May til June she is taking:

Java Programming she asked to take this in the summer.
Pre-Calculus this class is a redo. We had dropped this class due to a non-resonsive teacher so she is retaking this course.

From June to August she will work on homeschool topics:
Lua/Corona SDK Game Programming she wants to learn this for her future career goals.
Calculus she will be using CTCMath to get acquainted with Calculus before she takes it at the college in October.
Linux she wants more practice with this operating system. 

Project to work on Mobile Game Design that will be coded during next school year.


Meals We only ate out once this week. I made some quick fix dishes that only required heating up a pan or two.

Cleaning. We are down to just 3 boxes. The rest of the home is easy to clean since we don't have as much stuff or people in the house. However, my older kids get here in 2 months, that may change.

Work & Life Balance. My new job is very laid back, the team is great and I love my work. I'm a Data Architect and Database Engineer. Even though I have more than one hat, it isn't bad at all. My schedule is even more flexible on this job as I can come in whatever time I want and work from home here and there.

Lesson Planning. I have the kids doing it for the summer with me. Don't know if I will continue on that way, but it's helping.

Rest. I am still getting a nap when I need it. Figure that will change when we start back at full-time school, but for now it's great.  

Marriage Check Up. The new change in scenary and jobs has relaxed us more than ever. We still have our date night. Lately, we've been doing it up with expensive dates since we went to see Kevin Hart comedy show and Salt N Peppa with EnVogue which was great! 


  1. LOVE your idea and plans for the schooling summer months. We school year round also, with usually only time off for vacations. This summer however, we are moving in late June so I am working on a modified schedule as to not overwhelm myself and the kiddos. Glad the job is going well!

  2. Summer school sounds fun! Days filled with friends, activities, movies, and just a bit of bookwork thrown's similar to what we do.

  3. Summer school sounds fun! Days filled with friends, activities, movies, and just a bit of bookwork thrown's similar to what we do.

  4. Activities, friends and learning sounds like a perfect combination for summer! I think I may be doing homeschool during the summer also for my boys. Thanks for sharing :)