Friday, September 18, 2015

Finding Momentum

This week was wonderfully easy! I figured out that my younger student loves his independence and with the proper bribery and motivation he will work hard on his own.

Late work days, visiting sick friends, making homemade banana bread and trying to keep life balanced sums up this week.

SPEED RACER (age 11yrs) my Middle Schooler
Homeschooled at 4th grade on.

He loves doing his 'homework' and 'seatwork' book assignments prior to mom getting home from work.

When I get home, he is usually playing video games, and I go over to his desk to check his work in his WorkBoxes (we use a version of Sue Patrick's Workbox System).

He viewed and took notes on his Abeka curriculum for English, Grammar and Spelling, Biology, History, Economics and American Government and I signed off on his notetaking per class. Saxon Math 7/8 is going well, we are about 30 lessons in. However, we will be putting it aside next quarter/or block for Algebra. I love CTCMath and he does drills daily and is now revisiting fractions. Membean vocabulary training he is up to 32 words he's conqured and he practices 25 minutes a day. He is still enjoying Python Programming with TechRocket.

He had a full week of activities: Martial Arts, Breakdancing, Hip Hop Dance, Dodgeball and Archery.

TIGER LILLY (age 14 yrs) the Dual enrolled High Schooler
Homeschooled at 7th grade on.

I had to email her C Programming teacher since the Test schedule wasn't on the Calender and Tiger Lilly missed her test. The teacher wasn't aware that the Test weren't visible. She fixed it and let Tiger Lilly take test. Her PC Pro class is going well and she is workign through the simulations with TestOut and her Landry teacher's lectures. Japanese had a glitch with the test password. The teacher fixed the problem and allowed Tiger to redo a homework quiz that she got kicked out of.

The Community College courses are picking up in intensity. Her Software Application's class had it's first test and project review of MS Excel and it wasn't easy. The US History 1 course was frustrating her because she didn't realize that the teacher wanted the papers structured a certain way - therefore her grade suffered. In Psychology, she's doing well, although the teacher skipped 3 chapters. In College Math, her tutor is working out to be a great asset and the hybrid class of online work and in person course is working out as a good primer to her in person classes for next semester.

Tiger Lilly loves Techrocket, learning Unity 3d and practicing Java are working out. Tiger also watched some tutorials on Javascript since she will be working with that during the Girls Who Code workshops. No Art  this week other than for fun.


Meals. Monday, Wed and Thu were good. I baked some bread for a sick friend on Tues which derailed dinner cooking so we just ordered out that night.

Cleaning. The house isn't clean and we are hoping to get it together over the weekend.

Work & Life Balance. I've been working late 2 days this week. However, now that Speed Racer is so independent with his work it doesn't hurt our schedule. My husband took over those days for the entire day so things went well.

Lesson Planning. Still getting the hang of the new classes.

Rest. I got a whopping 6.5 hrs sleep each night! Woot!.

Marriage Check Up. We had that nice weekend alone and since we haven't found the time. So it'll probably be a movie on Saturday..

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