Friday, April 17, 2015

Close Yet Far

Weekly Wrap Up

I am Spring Cleaning, closing down our basement homeschool room, moving what's left to the dinning room Media Center while getting ready for our end of year Party!

With just 3 Weeks til the end of the school year, there is lot's to do!

Speed Racer, 6th grader

Has finished most of his computer based learning for the school year. His work with is done (Biology, Language Arts , US History and Language Extensions).

Math, he is finishing up Teaching Textbooks and Saxon. Still he is having a challenge with remembering the 'rules' for doing fractions, so we are spending extra time on this while he's finishing up the curriculums above.

Writing we are working through the Spectrum 6 grade writing workbook which is a good way to keep him writing by hand and working on his skill. Also, it gives me a better view on what his challenges are.

Vocabulary (Wordsmart) is getting frustrating. This tool is very unforgiving and we haven't made the progress I would've liked. My only issue is that he is getting the games 90% correct but the tool won't let me progress him. It's 100% or nothing.

Language Practice (IXL) Love this tool, we are working through 5th grade Language practice for review.

Reading Speed Reading Comprehension Workbook (Spectrum books). I have him read outloud to me and answer the questions to the story.

Spelling (Sequential Spelling and Spelling You See). We finished Sequential Spelling and are finishing up Spelling You See.

Technology he is finishing Underground RailRoad (Minecraft Homeschool) which he enjoyed.

Sports daily (is killing me! ), but it keeps him busy. Also, with our shortened schedule, he gets to play outside with the neighborhood kids after they get out of school and before he leaves for practice.

Tiger Lilly, blended 9th grader
Tiger Lilly is swamped with work to finish before Final Exams start. Her Dual Enrolled courses at the Community College in Interpersonal Communication and Art Appreciation are picking up.

She is behind in finishing her projects with Web Design with and Python (with Landry Academy), but she hopes to finish and catch up by the weekend.

Her Digipen-Animation with 3D Maya has her doing an animation project, but she won't be able to share it with the class, which disappointed her. has produced a great animation Blender Animation.

The Psychology class with Currclick on Monday is coming to an end early next month. She is almost finished her US History to 1877 using Instantcert cards study. But her CLEP practice exam scores aren't as high as I'd like them to be.

Teaching Textbooks Pre-Calc is working out well and we are using IXL for extra practice. 

She is working on her book for the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum.

Girls Code and Cyberjutsu Girls is non-profit organization has weekly classes, I was able to enroll Tiger Lilly and she is getting used to it. She said it's a challenge to jump in after the course has been going on a year because most of the kids already have their friend 'click'. So, I told her I would stay with her and volunteer to work with her on her project. We are adding these programs to her list for next school year.

Her Independent endeavors now includes: Creating a comic, Finishing her book, Creating a Game Application with her sister.

As for exercise (mom fail) we aren't getting much. She does Martial Arts for 2 days a week and Dance. I have to find something to get and keep her moving next school year. It gets harder once kids turn 14yrs old and High School sports get absorbed into the school.


Meals. Another Monday that I didn't take out food to prep. So on the way home, I stopped at the grocery store. The rest of the week was a crockpot, baking, and sandwhich dinner week.

Cleaning. The house is a mess, but I plan to get the troops in gear to whip things back in shape on Saturday.

Work & Life Balance. I had some out of work errands to run (do the taxes for myself and son) that shortened my work week. I will pay for it later when I have to make those hours up next week.

Lesson Planning. Easy since both kids have a shortened schedule, so I finished it in an hour.

Rest. Another bad sleep week. Why? Because I decided to stay up late and watch TV, read, or do some writing for my side business.

Marriage Check Up. Kicking the kids out of our room so we could eat ice cream in bed while watching a scary movie. I paid for it with lack of sleep the next day, but it was worth it.


  1. Busy lady!!! We are in Australia but wanting to cover US History next year, would love to know how you find the Time for Learning program and if you'd recommend it :)

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  3. My son had a few follow-up appointments this week and that started the week off really crazy. I came down with a stomach flu and was in and out for a couple days. I had a few late taxes to file before the deadline. And then on top of that I had to do paperwork for a new employee at work.

    We have been lacking on a lot of things this year. My intentions was to be done with Science by now. And be into Pre-Algebra. We are using a colossal of things for each subject this year. I don't have a set curriculum other than Spectrum, which has been working well for me. I still use alot of online resources such as Moby Max, IXL, Khan Academy. My son has a few apps on his Kindle that he uses for Japanese where he is able to learn the alphabets and numbers and the review allows him to write on the screen the actual characters.I was glad I found him a Okinawa based Karate school, which teaches the Japanese traditions and they have native Japanese speaking teaches as well. Also he uses the Kindle to download books and he writes book reports from the books he has read. They also have great subject matter books on the Kindle too, they have the Brain, Circulatory System, Skeletal System, and etc. So when he finishes then he can write a essay on what he learned and answer a few questions I made up.

    Mondays for us are Chess Club and Karate. Tuesday are Young Marines, Wednesdays are extra Karate day and the Powerplant Club, Thursdays & Fridays I use as our art, math, and science days and we also spend time with my my family. Saturdays Karate and then Swimming and any make-up work that he has. Sundays I try to have it as a rest day but it sometimes doesn't work that

    It's Saturday so I will get started with my day!!!!

  4. I like your marriage check up - getting time together alone at home as children get older takes some imagination.

  5. Sounds like a great and very productive week. I've been doing the same re going to bed late because I am watching a film! Here's to a better sleep week next week!