Monday, February 16, 2015

Teaching is For Kids - by Grant Baker

My thoughts on a great books for Parents to read with their child on the full cycle of learning. From a Child's, Teacher's and Parent's point of view.
Written by a Teacher and a Parent: Grant Baker


Blurb from Amazon:
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At last, a book on education that is just plain fun: Teaching is for Kids! Everyone is tired of the debates and politics surrounding our schools. This book offers a refreshing take on the subject, from the perspectives of students and teachers, speaking in ways that parents can agree with.

The main section of the book explores school-related themes as they concern elementary school teachers, students, and their parents. You will laugh at the differences in point of view and maybe even learn something. Each discussion is followed by a hand-drawn illustration. This collection of kid-friendly artwork is a special attraction of the book, a sure pleaser for educators and children alike. Finally, there are stories that span a school year. They provide glimpses of the surprises, frustrations, and joys of elementary school.

Teaching is for Kids is a celebration of our early years. It lets us look back at those magical times with a smile, even a laugh.

If you’ve ever been a teacher, a parent, or a student, this book is for you. And it’s fun.

29,000 words, 56 hand-drawn illustrations, 148 printed pages

Book Review:
As a mom of four kids and now a parent who is homeschooling two of them (previously one other who's graduated), I always wanted to know what was the teacher's perspective. The book starts out with giving you a full view of some of the strong players in your elementary school aged kid's education. The teacher, the child, the parent. Also, in doing so, it gives you tips on how to make the learning experience for your child more full and memorable. Tips that show how you as the parent can share interest with the teacher that can help your child transition from the home to school experience. Also, each role is spoken in a different 'voice' that reflects the thoughts, concerns, or interest of the one doing the speaking. There are artful pictures, that make it a great tool to read with your child to get their perspective. My son loved comparing his opinion and the kid's in the book's opinion on learning.


  1. I really like the idea of reading this with my kids! It's neat that your son could compare this thoughts with that of the child author's!! I need to add this to my 'want to read' shelf!

  2. I'll be looking at trying to get my hands on a copy too. It sounds just like my type of book!

  3. I'll be looking at trying to get my hands on a copy too. It sounds just like my type of book!