Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Whirlwind Year In Review

It's been a WHIRLWIND of a year!!!

It all started in JANUARY...

We moved and took my oldest daughter out of Public school 10th grade and enrolled her into HOMESCHOOL. We joined our Umbrella School, notified the state and enrolled her in COMMUNITY COLLEGE full time. Also, she finished up some of her courses through online school.

Speed Racer and Tiger Lilly were moved to a Private Christian school that used Abeka curriculum.

MAY bought summer and we graduated my older daughter STAR CHASER from homeschool and she succussfully signed up to play Lacrosse at her Community College and was only 30 credits away from her 2 year degree.

JUNE we decided to homeschool Tiger Lilly and Speed Racer. I ordered their curriculum, joined more sites and to research curriculum.

JULY Tiger Lilly and Speed Racer started homeschool for 4th, 7th grade year and big sister, STAR CHASER helped administer their curriculum with Mom and Dad.

SEPTEMBER we realized Tiger Lilly should be moved up to 8th Grade and we started getting into our groove.

NOVEMBER Tiger Lilly and I found out about CLEP testing and prep and decided to pursue that for her high school curriculum.

DECEMBER we finished 103 of our boxed curriculum. We love it and will be using it next year since we all know it well.

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