Friday, November 8, 2013

Sliding into Second quarter!

We did it!!!!
80 Lessons into our curriculum (Abeka Academy DVD school)
and finishing up Mid-Term Exams! Woot!
7th GRADER - Tiger Lilly's week
She and I had to re-adjust her hectic schedule. We started studying for her English CLEP test she wants to take with her older siblings in the Spring.
We added the following to her English program as she plans to take the English related CLEPs
Abeka DVD (still main curriculum) (30 min)
SOS English Lit (20 min)
SOS American Lit (do after English Lit) (20 min) (Analyzing Literature and English Composition) (20 min)
Analytical Grammar (takes 10 min)
Sequential Spelling (takes 10 min)
Speed Reading (takes 10 min)
To accommodate this we condensed the following to 1 or 2 days a week 
Youth Digital (Game Design 2 - she finished Game Design 1)
CLEP test she's planning on taking next Summer: she picked these because she loves writing, reading, English and her siblings are studying for them.
Analyzing Literature
English Composition
English Literature
American Literature

4th Grade - Speed Racer's

We expanded his Spanish
Increased use of
Started Art Co-op

REPORT CARDS coming next week

I'll be spending my weekend doing up their report cards and I'll be meeting with them about their grades and asking them how I can help them improve.

I want to use the report card as a communication tool between my kids and I. They get to tell mommy what they need and mommy listens.

It may cause schedule and subject adjustments but that's okay.

SCHOOL BREAK coming up!

Next week we leave for Disney and there will be no school for myself and my young ones. My Hubba and older kids will be at home and it's just the 3 of us, with a drop in from Hubba coming to visit.



  1. I haven't done a report card, my oldest is in first grade. I'm thinking it would be a positive communication tool and a way to document his progress. Your post has given me something to think about. :)

  2. Thanks Amy, I really wanted to use the report card as a tool. It's worked so far. My kids have told me what they like and don't like about aspects of their curriculum. I also let them peek at other options. However, I spend most of the time telling them all the amazing things they did to impress mom each quarter.

  3. I like the idea of a "report card" or something similar. I think it is great that you offer your kids a "meeting" to ask for their input. I bet this makes them feel very special. Have fun at Disney!