Monday, August 12, 2013

Great High School Homeschool Supplement Resources

Using an out of the box curriculum doesn't mean I have everything I need or want to use to school my daughter.


Once you've paid for a curriculum that seems to have all you want - or even put several different curriculums together to create the best option for your child, it may not be enough.

Sometimes your student may need a different perspective or way to learn the same information. My kids always needed that, even when they were in traditional schools.

It improves their overall understanding of difficult subjects without boring them to death.


When I've searched out a supplement to a subject such as Algebra, Chemistry, Biology, Writing or even History, I try to look for a compliment to the core curriculum.

I want it to be fun, fast, and reinforce the facts.

HERE's MY HOT LIST of SUPPLEMENTS I've used for my older daughter

1) Rapid Learning for Chemistry and Biology- - then I follow up with a more traditional DVD school program. My oldest daughter loved this quick approach.

2) Algebrator - ( breaks down any algebra problem entered by the student. Is a good tool/resource for any algebra program. Another good tool to do this is, Mathway:

3) Time4Learning - ( is now doing High School Courses starting in Aug 2013. (only used for remedial help and a change in look and feel of subject matter)

4) Time4Writing - (www.time4writing) I use in addition to the standard English Curriculum

5) SAT Review - Chalkdust ( is what my oldest daughter liked most of her choices. Also a good resource is which also offers other great courses and references them to actual textbooks that is an option. Otherwise all the teaching is done online.

6) Currclick - ( online classes that are reasonably priced(I plan on using this for my kid's Spanish class - they have online courses)

7) Youth Programming Video Games - ( a great primer for more advanced programming topics

8) Homeschool Programmer ( I order this with the DVD and books.

9) Teaching Textbooks MATH- Yes, I use this as a supplement for high school Algebra 1 and 2. The subject matter in TT Algebra 1/2 only covers the 1st year of High School Algebra.We call it our 'MATH LAB' class. ( I've tried to purchase this used but the prices almost match getting it new.

10) Kinetic Books - This is like having a living book to learn Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & Algebra 2.

11) Bagatrix - Pre-Calculus and Calculas tool that will walk through any Calculus problem you put in it.

12) Froguts - use for disection like video for science,

13) Organizing Our Homeschool using WORKBOXES - List of different examples of the Workbox System,

14) Online Music Instruction - I do this before the kid takes formal lessons to see if they are really intersted.  Guitar Lessons:   Drum Lessons:

15) Spanish Help and Free Curriculum - Main Page Link of Spanish Freebies:


  1. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing them and for linking up with Ultimate Moms Resources.

  2. Thanks I'm glad they were helpful to you. I post stuff like this because I'm so glad I found it :-D

  3. This is a great post and I will be promoting it with my Homeschool Review post on Friday.

  4. I always love these posts where someone has collected resources and links on a topic and shares them with everyone. I often do this on my own blog as a way of saving them for later! Thank you for linking this up at the Hip Homeschool Moms Hip Homeschool Blog Hop. I am one of the team memebers over there and I picked your link to be featured in this week's blog hop post!

  5. Oh thank you Heidi, I did the same thing. Post these so I remember them, lol!

  6. GREAT ideas!! We're using Time4Learning for English, Government, and Earth Science this year. And I definitely agree about That one has been a winner with both our high schoolers!!